Your Personal Brand - Melbourne

Your Personal Brand is Your most important asset but how do you leverage YOU?

Regardless of our wealth profile most of us have to sell ourselves constantly so how do you manage and leverage the most important brand you will ever work with - Self Incorporated.

There are 8 Wealth Profiles, Lord, Mechanic, Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader and Accumulator. Star's tend to stand out but even quiet backroom Lords have an incredible brand if they just tap into it. This WOW one day workshop will enable you to maximise your personal brand immediately. This will mean more business, more success, more income and more confidence.

Talk is Cheap - Take Action

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What you will learn

  • How to maximise your uniqueness which everyone has
  • Creating an image and being consistent with it
  • How each of the 8 different Wealth Profiles can create a personal brand that they are known for
  • How to increase sales - lets face it people want to deal with you
  • How to turn your passions into income and get known for them
  • How to create personal products and put your individuality on things to create massive attraction
  • How to get noticed in an interview or deal even if you're not a Star profile

What you will do

At this event you will interact with and learn some outstanding new things:

  • Learn interactions with new media such as social media to create revenue
  • How technology can be simple to master
  • Watch people grow in confidence during the day
  • Learn exactly who you are, what your core strengths are and how to maximise them
  • Interact with others and receive valuable feedback and learnings in a secure environment

Who your presenters are

Damian Milo  - Damian has the following qualifications:

• Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology) – University of Southern Qld
• Bachelor of Arts (Major in Music) – University of Southern Qld
• Diploma of Horticulture – Cooloola Sunshine Institute of TAFE
• Advanced Diploma of Policing Practice (Criminology) – Charles Stuart University
• Business Management – Queensland Master Builders Assn.
• Certified Rock Climbing & Canyoning Instructor
• Solo Skydiver

From his extensive business background, including his own business for many years, Damian has experience in training, marketing, budget & team management, recruitment & selection, the growth of self development programs and public speaking. Damian has developed numerous skills through his own landscaping business where he won both State & National Awards, highlighting his knowledge in the small business sector. His latest project is the incredible Across Oz and back where he is riding a motorbike across Australia and back. This fully sponsored media covered event is typical of Damian's never say quit attitude.

Mike Handcock - Mike has built an incredible Global Brand in just four short years.

After leaving senior management in corporate life Mike has lived an extraordinary life. An award winning speaker who has spoken in over 30 countries, author of nine books including best sellers, musician with nine albums to his credit, the chairman and founder of Rock Your Life one of the leading groups of transformational leaders on the planet, a director of the SAGE Foundation and Global Dialogue Foundation, heralded by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and nominated for three extraordinary life awards Mike says he will never die not knowing. Mike's latest achievement is a movie in which he directs and stars called 'Dreamcatchers' due for release in 2010, along with the Rock Your Life Publishing Group and Travel and Media companies all launched in 2009. Mike knows how to maximise personal brand.

Take action and be rewarded

You will notice we have different ticket prices. There are only ten tickets in each price range, fifty in total. Act now and book your seat and maybe you will even get a totally FREE or low cost seat. Even the maximum price is low cost for Damian and Mike. The information you will get on the day may just change your view of life forever. Take action and register now and receive totally free Damians 'Secrets Revealed' Course valued at $49.95 and Mike's 'How's your Life going course' valued at $49.95. That's $100 worth of value already.

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Still got in (Group D) Ended $29.95 $2
Nearly missed out (Group E) Ended $49.95 $2.5
Participant Ended $99.95 $3.75