Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting A Business

Need Help Starting your Own Business?
Have you been going to this organization and that organization for FREE Starting Your Own Business Classes and still not receiving all the information you need?
Or how many seminar classes have you taken and paid $50.00 or more to find out how to get going in business, and they did not provide ALL the information you needed?
If you have completed one or more of the above steps, we have the solution for you.
One seminar, SIX hours, LUNCH INCLUDED and you learn it all in one place.
This hands-on workshop delivers the whole picture and the nitty-gritty details to start your own business all in one workshop.
This workshop takes you deep into different entity filing forms, various places to go to complete the business process, and costs associated for the surrounding DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Area.
Workshop attendees frequently say, "I wish I had taken this class six months ago!"

Who should take this class?
--Retired Military Personal
--Stay at Home Mom’s
--Young Entrepreneurs curious about where to begin and how to begin the process
--Those thinking about starting a business
--Those that have been in business for some time and need a refresher course

Some Topics of the Workshop Include:
1. Determining your intent, goal and passion for starting a business
2. Creating your unique business entity
3. How to file your unique business entity
4. Difference between Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, S-Corp, C-Corp and Partnerships
5. Building your Unique Business Model; including a basic Business Plan, a basic Marketing and a basic Strategic Planning
6. Creating the perfect business image reflects your businesses unique ability
7. Learn the necessary tools to run your business successfully
8. Protecting yourself and your business liabilities (Insurance)
9. How to find contracts with the local, state, and federal governments
10. Proper Business Accounting Methods and Small Business Banking
11. Pricing Strategies: "How to set pricing for your goods and services"
12. Learn how to create a Marketing Strategy: KNOW YOUR COMPETITION
13. Learn how to create a Business Action Plan
14. Learn how to create a Cash Flow Projection for One Year
15. Learn how to create Simple Contracts for your Business
16. Learn various Financing Options for Your Business: How to Build a Positive Bank Relationship
17. Your time: Learn simple Workflow Management

**This workshop also includes an interactive CD for future use, also includes necessary forms for many of the business applications and filings. Sample Business Plan, sample Marketing Plan, and sample Action Plan. Various website links and joining information on local, current, and future networking events as well as various local business associations to join. Bank contacts and reference materials, recommended service provider accounts, websites and other business related needs. Take home workbook and forms to help you get started as soon as possible.

The Low cost of this workshop only $159.00!
Seminar Date: April 9, 2009 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Light LUNCH INCLUDED!

You will not regret taking this class!

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