Don’t miss your chance to see world record holders compete against each other at our cubing competition! The Rubik’s Cube and similar puzzles are more than entertaining, they are learning devices. We’ll have learning stations and presentations on logic games, memory boosting activities and more!

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␣Literacy & Learning: Reading in the Content Areas • 28␣ Literacy Strategies Cubing This strategy was originally intended to be a writing strategy to explore ...

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Cubing, forcing a writer to think and re-think a topic, allows a writer to explore various aspects of that topic. We all know that a cube has six sides.

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cube (ky b) n. 1. Mathematics A regular solid having six congruent square faces. 2. a. Something having the general shape of a cube: a cube of sugar.

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Cubing . What is Cubing? Cubing is an instructional strategy designed to help students think about a topic or idea from many different angles.

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Cubing may refer to: Cubing, the practice of trying to solve a Rubik's cube Cubing the cube, a mathematical problem "The Cubing", an episode of the animated TV series ...

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Rubik's Cube official and unofficial stuff. Last update: June 30, 2012 WCA Rubik competitions WCA official regulations WCA unofficial results Chatroom WCA ...

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Look for: What new skills does Kristin say her students build through cubing? What is the overall objective of the lesson in which Kristen used cubing?