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Cutting the Pie: Determining Partner Compensation

Two of the most challenging management issues that law firms must face in today’s workplace center on the amount and the method that should be utilized for partner’s compensation. Many law firms are struggling with compensation systems that no longer meet the complex needs of the firm and its individual partners. Failure to explore alternatives to unsuccessful processes often results in partner dissatisfaction and can lead to partner defections and disintegration of the firm.

Dr. John W. Olmstead shared insights and tips on designing compensation systems that do more than simply allocate the pie.


Dr. John W. Olmstead, MBA, PhD, CMC

Dr. John W. Olmstead is a Certified Management Consultant and President of Olmstead & Associates, Legal Management Consultants, and Life on Balance. Both firms are based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Olmstead has over 39 years of experience working with law and other professional service firms. His assignments have ranged from marketing and strategic planning to other legal management engagements such as organizational change, firm governance, implementation of technology, financial management, staff development, partner compensation, and practice management. Dr. Olmstead has helped clients implement client service improvement programs consisting of client satisfaction surveys, program development, and training and coaching programs. 

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