Everything You Know About Sales is WRONG

EVERYTHING You Know About Sales Is WRONG:   A Service Provider’s Guide to Sales and Marketing that WORKS 

If you are SELLING A SERVICE, there is a good chance that EVERYTHING you know about sales is WRONG. Many of us never learned marketing at all, or learned a cheesy, high-pressure version of selling.  Many service providers don't have a marketing plan and don't know where to start.  If you've spent time sitting at your desk wondering what to do to get more customers, if you're not sure what to say in your 60 second commercial or you need to know how to get more referrals, this day long workshop is definitely for you.


Saturday, July 26th in Denver 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

In preparation for our day long workshop, there will be an hour long conference call and homework to complete BEFORE CLASS.  This homework will take most people between 2-4 hours to complete.  I will make 2-3 conference call times available to accomodate everyone in the class.  You must attend one of the conference calls in order to participate in the class.  For now, the two times available are July 8th OR July 15th at 12 noon for 1 hour.



“Everything” is an INTENSIVE WORKSHOP for professionals who sell services and want to create a smarter sales and marketing process.  


  • Going to networking events but not getting new business?
  • Have clients who love you but don't send good referrals?
  • Worried you might be spending too much time with non-prospects?
  • Want more REFERRALS?
  • Hate cheesy, high-pressure selling tactics?
  • Don't have the budget to hire a professional marketing coach?

WHO Should Participate:   People who SELL SERVICES and work on commission OR are the primary source of revenue for their service company  Ex:  Financial and Life Insurance Sales, Attorneys, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Accupuncturists, etc. 

Specifically, this course will be brilliant for people who are making the calls and doing the work, but not getting the # of new clients or quality of clients they want.   

Additionally, we will not simply be putting together newer better brochures.  You’ll learn to think about connecting with clients in a whole new way.  Once we’ve retrained your brain, you’ll be equipped to create much sharper, more effective materials and strategies.  And if you’d like additional help doing so, I’ll offer one-to-one time at discounted rates for class participants. 

WHO is in Charge:  Alecia Huck of MAVERICK & COMPANY.  She has worked with many different service providers to develop and refine their marketing, making it easier to get more of the clients they want.  She implements and uses this material to create her own referral based marketing program.  She is AWESOME, just ask around.


WHAT IF I Have to miss one:  It’s going to be pretty challenging to make up any classes missed.  If you are unsure you'll be able to attend a session, please contact me BEFORE you register.  Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to recreate the class for people who must miss. Again, if you already know you have a conflict, please discuss it with me before registering. 


HOW MUCH: $347.00   (Less if you register early.)

WHY SO DAMN CHEAP?!?!:  To do this work individually, you would typically invest between $1000-$1600+.   You can get the entire course for the price of a just a few hours of individual work.  Instead of only having someone else do your marketing for you, in this class you will get trained in the fundamentals of service marketing so you'll be able to develop effective materials and messages for the life of your business.




  • You want someone to do your marketing for you.   Hiring a marketing expert can be a major cash investment.  This series is designed to TRAIN you in the fundamentals of Smart Marketing which you will also apply to your current situation.  You’ll also be able to use them to recreate and refine your marketing over and over again in the future.  But it’s also going to take your brain power.  I will work very hard to make sure each person achieves great results and leaves with each piece of the puzzle completed and ready to go.  This will not be the same as having me, or another expert create the materials for you.  (I am, of course, happy to be your expert for a major cash investment.  Ha ha.  No, seriously.)


  • You don’t like sarcasm.   This will not be a boring class.  If you’ve been offended by much of what you’ve read, this is probably NOT the place for you and that is o.k.  If you don’t mind, or even enjoy a little (or a lot of) sarcasm, you’ll probably love this class.




Everyone who does the work of the course will leave with their own: 

  • Client Profile   The FBI profiles clients for a reason, it makes them easier to find.  Beyond simple demographics like age and income, the client profile helps you know how to recognize your REAL best clients AND how to talk to them once you find them.  Additionally, if you’ve defined who your clients ARE, it is much easier to recognize who they are NOT.  A major benefit to having a well defined client profile is that you can spend far less time and emotional energy with unqualified prospects.


  • Self Profile   You’ve got to know not just who you are, but WHO you are to your clients.  What do they value about you?  Why do they hire YOU and not someone else?  The self profile will help you answer those questions and project what is TRUE and AUTHENTIC about you to the people who most want to do business with you.


  • Core Marketing Messages   These will be the foundation of future conversations and marketing campaigns.  It’s like boiling your marketing information down to it’s most powerful ingredients and just using those.  You’ll use them for 30 seconds and 60 seconds, all kinds of conversations, and whatever marketing materials fit with your Marketing Strategy.  Additionally, we’ll work on designing a sales methodology that helps you attract your best clients and weed out the non-prospects. 

  • 3 Point Ninja Marketing Strategy & Action Plan   This piece is particularly great.  You’ll identify the 3 best marketing strategies for YOU and develop a simple action plan to keep you focused on each of them.  You’ll know what to do first, what to do next and how often to do it.

  • Content for 2-3 Custom Marketing Pieces   During the class, you'll have time to develop 2-3 (and possibly more) marketing pieces specifically for you and your business.  These might include a really sharp 60 second commercial, content for your website, a new tagline, etc.  You'll walk out with better strategies and better pieces to help you attract the attention of the clients you really want.  This is a workshop format to make sure you don't just leave with good ideas, you leave with good ideas that have been turned into smart marketing materials.


And so much more!  This class is some of the most cost effective marketing you can get.  Don't just learn how to make brochures look pretty, learn how to market to get new clients!

So as we say here at MAVERICK UNIVERSITY...

Get Registered.

Get Results.


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