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NUnit - TestCase

TestCaseAttribute (NUnit 2.5) TestCaseAttribute serves the dual purpose of marking a method with parameters as a test method and providing inline data to be used when ...


How to write effective Test cases, procedures and ...

Try writing the simple test cases as mentioned in above test case format. Generally I use Excel sheets to write the basic test cases.


25.3. unittest — Unit testing framework — Python 2.7.8 ...

A testcase is created by subclassing unittest.TestCase. The three individual tests are defined with methods whose names start with the letters test.


what is a test case - Software Testing

Test Case is a terminology related to Software Testing and Software Engineering. Test Case can be defined as set of "Actions", "input data" and "Expected"


TestCase class (Windows)

Method Description ~TestCase: Destructor method. AddIssue: Creates and adds an Issue to the TestCase. AddMetricThreshold: Creates and adds a MetricThreshold to the ...


TestCase (SoapUI 5.1.2 API) - SoapUI - The Home of ...

com.eviware.soapui.model.testsuite. Interface TestCase. All Superinterfaces: ModelItem, PropertyChangeNotifier, ResultContainer, TestModelItem, TestPropertyHolder ...


TestCase - js-test-driver - Everything you need to know ...

Jun 06, 2012 · Declaring a TestCase. It is necessary to tell the test runner about your tests suites. Most test runners deal with this by letting you build up test suites.