Certificate Course on Piping Engineering By IIT Bombay

Certificate Course on Piping Engineering By IIT Bombay


IIT Bombay’s Certificate Course on Piping Engineering is well known for the impact it has made over the last 15 years. The 12 days rigorous course covers all topics important to in-plant piping engineering. The course has completed 45 editions and has trained over 4200 engineers in India and UAE. It is now proposed to offer the course for the benefit of engineering community outside India. A set of meticulously compiled course notes will be provided to the attendees.

Course Experts 

Prof. A. S. Moharir
Professor In-Charge CEP Program, IIT Bombay

Mr. T. N. Gopinath
Piping Engineer and Senior Consultant


Piping Engineering


Piping Engineering is a truly multidisciplinary subject. It draws its knowledge base from chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, metallurgical, instrumentation, control engineering, to name a few. Traditionally, chemical or mechanical engineers have taken to this profession and it is believed that about 10 years on-job experience and exposure can make a few gifted ones ‘piping engineers’ in real sense. Design/engineering sector as well as operating companies have always yearned for a formal training programme in piping engineering so that this slow self-training approach could be replaced by a fast track. Against this background the present course emerged.

Few design organizations as well as eminent piping engineers joined hands with IIT Bombay and methodically designed a formal Certificate Course on Piping Engineering for chemical and mechanical engineering graduates. Once it was offered in 1991, the course has had a fairy tale like journey and is the most sought after course in the engineering circles.

The course has undergone continuous revisions, helped to a large extent by the feedback given by the participants and the industry. It is now an optimal mixture of theory and practice. The instruction hours are shared by IIT faculty and speakers from industry, the latter playing a significant role.

The activity was institutionalized through the formation of a Piping Engineering Cell in CAD Centre, which now conducts this course. The acceptance of the course by the industry has virtually forced the hands of various software houses and the Piping Engineering Cell has now a collection of most state-of-the-art piping engineering software. These are extensively used during the course.

Fees: USD 2500 - (AED 9175)


Early Bird Registration: 

10% Discount till 20th Jan 2008 - $250 - (AED 918)
5% Discount till 5th Feb 2008 - $125 -   (AED 460)


Group Registration:

15% till 20th Jan 2008- $ 375 / person - (AED 1380/ person)
10% till 5th Feb 2008 - $ 250 / person - (AED 918/person)


Payment Method:

1. Cash
2. Draft Payable to : Pinnacle Knowledge Group FZ LLC

 For Registration contact

Registration Desk

T : +9714 3755526

E-mail: cep@pinnacleknowledge.com 

Satish Meena

T: +97150 9198049

Somesh Gour

T: +97150 9198124

Sushma Ramakrishnan 
T :+97150 9198914



The Course Coverage

The following subjects will be covered in detail.

·      Scope of Piping Engineering

·      Codes and Standards

·      Piping Elements & Specialties

·      Mechanical Design Fundamentals

·      Pipe Hydraulics & Sizing

·      Piping Drawing Basics

·      Development of Plot Plan

·      Equipment Layout

·      Process Piping Layout

·      Utility Piping Layout

·      Flexibility Analysis

·      Selection of Supports & Expansion Joints

·      Steam Engineering

·      Transient Fluid Flow Analysis

·      Cryogenic Storage

·      Dynamic Analysis

·      Process Insulation

·      Instrumentation and Control

The total instruction hours will be 48 spread over 12 days. There will be a one-hour objective type test in the end.


Practicals are an important part of the course. The participants are encouraged to develop rational thinking skills through a case study approach. Exposure to important CAD tools available in Piping Engineering arena is offered.
Multimedia teaching aids are incorporated. This allows display of three dimensional plant models, carrying out computer aided design and engineering in the classroom itself, showing video clippings to support a point etc. At the same time, all care is taken to emphasize on teaching rather than on presentation.

Please bring your laptos as it is required for a handson session during the course.

A comprehensive test is given at the end of the course. The case studies worked out by the participants are also evaluated and Certificates are given by IIT Bombay to the successful candidates.


Attendee Profile 


The course is most suited for Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Graduates. However, production engineers, instrumentation engineers and civil engineers with piping engineering related job profile can also benefit, with some extra efforts on their part.

In-house Programmes 
(Short & Long Term)

Courses can be run exclusively for a specific company or organization. The course proposals may be made by specific industries and after initial interaction, the courses would be tailor-made and conducted to their requirement.



Name Price
Registration Fees $2500

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