Understanding the Impact of Your Experience Modification Factor - IL

 Understanding the Impact of Your Experience Modification Factor

One of the most confusing components of an employer’s Workers’ Compensation Policy is the Experience Modification Factor.  Employers watch it increase and decrease from year to year without much understanding of how it works and what they can do to manage the Experience Mod to the absolute minimum. 

Most employers intuitively suspect that if they have injuries, their Experience Mod will go up and, if they reduce or eliminate injuries, then it will go down. At a basic level, their intuition is correct. Higher Mods generally increase costs and lower Mods decrease them, but there is much more to it. This workshop will provide participants with all the information necessary to take their modification management program to the next level. 

The first step to effectively controlling your Experience Mod is to understand why it is used and what it really means. At this workshop you will learn: 

What is Experience Rating and why is it necessary?

Understand how to read the Experience Rating Worksheet

How does your Mod impact your business

How to take control of your Mod so that you can attain your lowest Mod possible


Ed Young Jr., Vice President

The Horton Group

 Carla Birsa, Claims Management Specialist

The Horton Group

Ed Young, Jr. is a Vice President with TheHorton Group Risk Management ServicesDivision. Ed specializes in all insurance,risk management, public entity risks and

risk financing alternatives that pertain to commercial property and casualty. He is responsible for new account development and providing quality service to existing clients.

Carla Birsa is a Claims Management Specialist for the Horton Risk Management Services Division.  Carla’s inventive side shines during her tireless exploration to solve each and every claim issue.  She helps clients understand their range of options and implements solutions to reduce her clients’ losses.
Participation is free, however space is limited. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debby Smith at 866-248-5300 or via email at debby.smith@thehortongroup.com.

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