PEO York Technical Seminar Series - Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment Workshop

Technical Seminar Series from PEO York Chapter

Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment Workshop 

This workshop is about Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment. Lean is a discipline focused on eliminating waste (muda - Japanese) and variability throughout the supply chain (large logistics hubs, office, finance, manufacturing processes, customer and supplier system integration, JIT, KANBAN). The lean thinking mandates that every business activity adds value.

Lean Production System (based on TPS- Toyota Production System) is driven by the five lean principles:

  • Value - Understanding the value of the work we perform by defining it as something that our customers want to pay for.
  • Value Chain - Mapping the process steps that we perform throughout the supply chain by identifying the steps that add value and striving to eliminate those that add waste.
  • Pull - Eliminating the primary sources of waste - overproduction - by only producing what customers want, when they want it. This means starting production only when the customer "pulls."
  • Flow - Removing other major sources of waste - bloated inventory and waiting - by ensuring that goods flow continuously through the supply chain and never stop.
  • Kaizen/Continuous Improvement - Striving for the total elimination of waste through a succession of small, action-oriented (kaizen) events within the production process.

To compliment the Lean in business improvement projects often is utilized the well known Six Sigma approach. Six Sigma is a data-driven set of standards that drives the exceptional quality in operations. It requires in-depth statistical metrics to analyze quality at all levels of the supply chain, eliminating defects.

In addition to Lean Systems, our guest speaker, Catherine, will also share her past experience includes implementations of some of the latest Business Management concepts like leading the development of Knowledge Management System as a tool for business collaboration in the early product development and the evaluation and implementation of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management System).   With a broad range of professional certifications, Catherine specializes in Corporate Assurance and Integrated Management Systems.  She is especially skilled at integrating all aspects of business Process Re-engineering and Change Management. Her past assignments include successful tenures at a number of large multinational enterprises and Ontario government to promptly deliver multi-billion dollars project-based solutions to customer needs, while building flexible infrastructures to maintain competitive advantage.

Guest Speaker:
Catherine Ethier, P.Eng. MSME LSS MBB
Corporate Quality Systems Auditor
Progressive Moulded Products Ltd.

Catherine Ethier was responsible for managing the Quality Management Program and the Six Sigma Lean Projects at a Fortune 500 company, where she received the Key Contributor Award for performance excellence. Catherine was trained by SHINGIJUTSU on the practical application of the Toyota Production System (TPS).  


Light snacks and drinks will be provided. 

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Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment Workshop

Technical Seminar Series from PEO York Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment Workshop . This workshop is about Lean Fundamentals and Lean Deployment.

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