Income Opportunity Webinar for Central California Realtors


 Income Opportunity Webinar for Central California Realtors  

Hello, You are invited to a special webinar (online seminar) to explore an income opportunity that many Realtors are already utilizing in this 9soft9 Real Estate market nationwide. 

With the California market not expected to return in 2008, many realtors are wondering where their next paycheck will come from.

   My name is Javier Rodriguez and I am an Executive Field Chairman with First Financial Security, and I live in Southern California (OC Area). I will be traveling to Santa Maria on Saturday January 12th, 2008 to meet with a few driven, determined, open-minded professionals that want to be part of our Central California expansion.

   If you are already making the kind of income you want, then this webinar is NOT for you.

  We are looking for professionals in ALL parts of Central California who, if after viewing the webinar are interested in further exploring our opportunity, can travel to Santa Maria to obtain further details in person. 

If you are a true entrepeneur with a business owner mindset, then we want to talk to you. The first step is to attend this FREE online webinar.

  This webinar will be 9to the point9 and will not waste your time. If you are interested in increasing your income in 2008 with an opportunity that does NOT compete with what you do (it actually compliments it), then register TODAY. 



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