InDesign CS3/CS2: Style Sheets

InDesign CS3/CS2: Style Sheets

Style sheets are a huge time saver for designers — especially in the creation of long or multi-page documents. This workshop covers the fundamentals of InDesign's character styles and paragraph styles, and quickly gets into tips, tricks, and shortcuts that should please even the most seasoned InDesign user.

This 90-minute workshop covers the real-world use of InDesign Style Sheets. Including:

  • Understand InDesign Styles.
  • When to use Character Styles vs Paragraph Styles.
  • Converting Microsoft Word styles into InDesign styles.
  • Automatically generating a table of contents using styles.
  • Overriding character and paragraph styles.
  • Redefining a style to match selected text.
  • Importing styles from other documents.
  • Using InDesign CS3’s Quick Apply feature.
  • Amazing techniques using Nested Styles.
  • Using style bullets and numbering for lists.
  • Synchronizing Styles in a book.
  • Plus many tips and tricks from real-world production projects.

90-minute Workshops. Learn in the morning and get back to work.

INDDCS3-Styles.pngAt CreativeTechs, we're taking a new approach to learning. We've broken weeks of training materials into dozens of smaller, bite-sized modules. The results are shorter, focused classes that allow busy creative professionals to get what they need, without having to set aside an entire day, or two, (or three) for longer classes.

Here's the pitch: Join us Wednesday or Thursday mornings at 9:30am, pick up a couple new skills, and get back to work before lunch. You can put what you learned into use the same day.

Clear, exhaustive explanations in a comfy setting. Plus a complete handout to take home. In 90 minutes you'll pick up dozens of tips and techniques that you can put to work right away.

These workshops are demonstrated using Adobe InDesign CS3 on Mac OS X, however the learning applies to PC users as well as previous versions of InDesign, including InDesign CS2.

Also Available: Personalized & Group Training.

In addition to the morning 90-minute workshops, all topics are available for personalized group training sessions, or individual one-on-one training. Plus, because of how we've developed smaller, bite-sized topics, we can easily combine a variety of topics to help fit your team's particular needs.

If you are interested in group training, or a personalized coaching session, email

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