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Warrior9s Cave University School of Prophet9s  Level 1 BOOTCAMP and Level 2 ADVANCED online/on-location courses.

Hurry! Next Begin Date Tuesday, January 8th, 2008.  Classes fill up fast!

Nine (9) Consecutive Weeks of Hardcore Training & Personal Mentoring with Prophet Reeni Mederos

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Course Instructor, Prophetic Mentor & Coach:  Prophet Reeni Mederos

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Course Description:  9 Consecutive Weeks of Hardcore Prophetic Training.  Learn to discern and hear the voice of God with precision and clarity and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with wisdom, integrity and accuracy.  Weekly biblical audio teachings, activation video9s and practical insights with weekly activation assignments designed to challenge your prophetic aptitude with intense prophetic ministry activations, hands-on practice, do9s and don9ts of prophetic ministry (also called prophetic protocol) as each week builds with momentum, anointing and intensity.  Learn the good side about the responsibility of operating in your prophetic gifting as well as the prophetic pitfalls to avoid all within in a safe prophetic environment with personal prophetic mentoring and prophetic supervision under Prophet Reeni Mederos. 

Class participation is a MUST in this course with opportunities for discussion and class interaction whether taking the class on location or as an online class through the internet or both.  Class concentrations will be on the nature of prophecy, dreams, visions, character building as well as identifying character issues, integrity, prophetic street evangelism, prophetic song, safety practices in prophetic ministry, the various levels of the prophetic anointing from basic prophesying all the way up to the office of the Prophet and the process of prophets in training (P.I.T.9s).  This class is for all levels of prophetic experience from beginner to advanced and everything in between. 

The audio9s and video9s are pre-recorded each week and can be viewed anytime 24/7 at your leisure and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Most of the online participation will be practicing with the other online students as well as taking it to the streets for the final climax of this course that is proven to seal your training experience with the power of the Holy Spirit as you take the prophetic to the streets.  Former students testify that this course is truly a unique prophetic experience unlike any other.

On-location classes are determined by the amount of student registration on a local level.  A minimum of 10 registered students are required for this class for online and on-location participation.  Each class will have no more than 25 registered students.  If more than 25 students register, the classes will be split into two separate online class rooms.  On-location students may opt to take the online class in addition to the on location class but may not substitute missed classes for online classes.  For example:  If you sign up as an on location student, you have to finish the class as an online student and are only permitted to miss one class during the entire course.  Assignments must be turned in each week to go to the next level provided the following week.  Each week is a prerequisite to the next week.

Prerequisites:  You must be a born again Christian to participate in this prophetic school.  You must set aside a minimum of three to four hours per week to successfully complete the prophetic schools along with weekly reading assignments and optional online group chats.  You must also not be an active teacher of your own prophetic school training that you are conducting or in charge of as may cause a conflict of interest.

Computer Requirements:  Most Windows browers are compatible.  See Mac notes below.  High Speed internet connection is recommended such as DSL or Cable.  You should have a Flash player such as Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player and also a media player such as Windows Media Player Windows Media Player or similar.  56K Dial-up is usable but your previews of audio and video will be slower and can cause delays for assignment deadlines. You must also have the latest version of Java on your computer and free updates can be obtained at www.java.com .  Another alternative is to take the course using a computer at your local public library or if your computer dies in the middle of the course. Check and test your local library for this option before signing up for the course.   Make sure you own or have access to headphones for library usage and check your local public library for computer time restrictions and computer capabilities.  Library computer9s must have a Flash player to view video9s and a media player to hear mp3 audio teachings.  Audio9s and Video9s are approximately one hour in length each.  Two hours per week of audio and video time and approximately 1 to 2 hours per week of completing activation and reading assignments.   A total of approximately 4 hours per week is the required minimum participation time for this course.  Online chat time is optional and will be available to participate for one hour per week.  Chat times to be announced after school starts but will usually be every Monday night at 9pm EST.

For Mac Computers:  Please note that there are some incompatibility issues with Wordpress & web browsers on a Mac (Apple) computer system.  Mac9s Safari internet browsers tend to be incompatible with Wordpress.  Using another web browser on your Mac system is recommended such a Mozilla FireFox or Netscape for Mac9s.  The best alternative is to install Parallels on your Mac computer and use a Window9s browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or Netcaptor or similar to solve this problem.

Personal Mentoring and Coaching by Prophet Reeni Mederos:  This class is an excellent opportunity to be mentored and spiritually coached by Prophet Reeni Mederos for a full 9 weeks gaining wisdom, insight and the do9s and don9ts of prophetic ministry as Prophet Reeni takes you under her wings.  This class also requires a strong commitment of participation for the entire 9 weeks and those that participate in person may not miss more than one class.  All registrants (in person or online) must complete all assignments with satisfactory evaluations by instructor(s) in order to receive a "Certificate of Completion."  No refunds are available for this class once this class begins on the given start date.  Please read all disclosures carefully.

Student Character and Integrity:  This class is formatted in such a way that the student9s identities are hidden for prophetic activation and student identity privacy purposes.  Student9s not following class protocols or creating disturbance with the other students will be permanently banned from the class without a refund.  Please be advised that this class is for those that are serious about their walk with Christ and desire to excel in character training, integrity and accountability as well as in the usage and precision training of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Student Evaluation:  There is no letter grade for the completion of this course.  Student evaluation and award of any "Certification of Completion" (delivered by e-mail as a frame-able pdf E-Certificate at successful completion of the course) will be based upon 40% character,  20% prophetic accountability, 20% prophetic ability and 20% prophetic participation that is determined by the instructor.  All areas must grow together.  As you can see, there is a heavy emphasis upon character and in many ministry situations character is more important than how great one can minister the Word of the Lord through prophecy, teaching, preaching, deliverance, counseling, etc. as well as other various forms of the manifestations of the prophetic anointing. Prophet Reeni9s heart is to raise up new millennium Warrior9s that are well rounded and equipped for every day real life situations. 

Required Books & Materials:  Required books and materials to read before the class start date will be given after you have registered for the class.  You will be able to purchase the required text book online at amazon.com and should be approximately $15 or less depending upon new or used purchases.  Required books are not included in class tuition and can take about a week for delivery. 

Optional Resources:  The class instructor will recommend additional books, reading materials, articles, video9s, etc., throughout the course for related supplemental learning and training and personal enhancement that is optional for students to obtain at leisure and according to personal preference.

Disclosures:  No refunds will be issued after the first day of class starting. No exceptions.   If you sign up as an online student, you must finish the course as an online student.  If you sign up as an on-location student, you must finish the course as an on-location student. No switching back and forth is permitted unless prior permission is given by instructor.  All on-location students can be an online student simultaneously and is an extra advantage but not mandatory with no extra cost.  A minimum of 10 registered students is required for on location class to form. Otherwise, the class will be strictly an online course.  


Thank you for considering registering for the Warrior9s Cave University School of Prophet9s. Please be advised that new begin dates start on the first Tuesday of every quarter (with the exception of Holiday weeks).  Our quarters will begin in January, April, July and October for 2008. There will be weekly teaching audio9s (MP3 format) and weekly online video9s of prophetic activations (flash video format) for online students that will be available for view each Tuesday by 12noon EST.  You will be contacted the day before or the day of the class start date for your username and password login information to the protected sight area and will be notified of online group chat times (which will usually be Monday or Tuesday night9s at 9pm EST.) 

Please test your internet connection for audio9s and video9s before signing up for this course.  We will be using a flash video format for online video9s and mp3 and flash audio format for online audio9s for this course. Testing your computer capabilities for PC9s and Mac9s for your individual internet connection and your internet browsers strongly recommended before you sign up for the class.  No refund Disclosure:  There will be no refunds issued after the first day of class for any given quarter. 

The School of the Prophet9s will be conducted through a very popular discussion blog website tool called WordPress.  Each registrant will have their own username and password and will have access to all the archived discussions, teachings, audio9s, video9s, activation assignments and online chat9s.  This will be a great way to stay organized, informed and stay in communication in a fun and cutting edge way. 

Weekly teachings have been recorded for mp3 and flash audio formats.  Please be sure that you have an up to date media player installed on your computer such as Real Audio or Windows Media Player or similar that can play MP3 audio9s.   It is recommended that you have high speed internet access to access the audio and video files as each portion will be an hour in length.  It is possible to access them via a 56K dial-up connection, but just be advised that the download times could be slower.  Another suggestion is to do the class through your local public library if you have poor or no internet connection at home.  Just make sure you have headphones to use.  There will also be links provided for any teaching notes to download and will be in PDF format.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download a free version at www.adobe.com.  Your computer must also have Adobe Flash Player or similar for viewing videos. 

You will be asked to listen to the audio9s and video9s provided each week and complete the assignments given before the next class.  You will have interaction with the other students to complete weekly activation assignments and will mostly be done through the online school format.  You will be contacted with more instructions before the class starts and will have an opportunity to work out any internet connection bugs.  We will give our best effort to make the class experience as easy as possible for you. Once everyone gets the hang of it after the first week, you should be fine.  We ask that you please address any questions or class issues to info@propheticschools.com


We will also have designated times for online chat each week for the class and will be decided what day after the class starts but will most likely be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday nights at 9pm EST and is best compatible for most time zones.  Many times the class will include international students from other countries.  Online chat times can change because of this to try to accommodate as many students as possible for online chat.  However, please be advised it is not possible to accommodate 100% of the students and the online chat feature is an added benefit and is optional and not mandatory to participate.  Every online chat conversation is recorded and will be available to read a few minutes after the end of each chat session so that each student can be up to date on the conversations whether they are able to participate or not. 

NEW IDENTITY POLICY UPDATE! - Student identity is kept confidential throughout all WCU courses offered for class assignments and prophetic activation purposes. The less the student9s know about one another, the better the environment for prophetic activations and to hear the voice of the Lord without pre-knowledge of a student.  Friends and groups are permitted to join the class together as long as they keep their relationship undisclosed to the rest of the class.  Student9s are not permitted to reveal their identities (email, last names, phone numbers, addresses, websites, business or company names, etc) anytime before, during or after the course. Revealing personal identity information or soliciting personal contact or websites (unless pre-authorized by WCU) will result in being dismissed from the class permanently resulting in being banned from taking any future courses with WCU.

Our purpose in our new identity policy is to provide an even safe environment for all students to learn and grow knowing that they will not be approached with solicitations and the increase of spam email abuse (which is illegal) outside of our virtual classrooms prophecies (also known as parking lot prophecies) that are not supervised by WCU.  Proper prophetic protocols are enforced and is part of student9s "character training." We reserve the right to strictly enforce our identity policy to help protect our student9s personal identity to prevent spamming and outside contact.  If you are found sharing your identity or asking another student for theirs, you will be asked to leave the class and will be banned from any further WCU & Warrior9s Cave Conferences & Workshops involvement.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Weekly class online audio9s and video9s are available to hear and view at your leisure and you will have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after each lesson is made available online.  Weekly assignments are due by every Monday night at 12midnight EST each week before the following lesson is available.  Each weeks lesson will be viewable and open for two weeks

Because these prophetic courses are very unique and in high demand and have experienced great success with it, we do encourage early registration to prevent from being turned away.  Our maximum student capacity for each online class is reserved for 25 students and our minimum capacity is 10 students.  If we go over our maximum 25 student allowance, separate classes may be formed simultaneously, but sometimes we will allow an extra student or two depending upon situations.  If we have less than 10 students for a given class, we will disperse refunds accordingly and either post-pone or cancel the class.  If the classes do become full, it is possible that we may have to turn away students or register student9s for future classes because of overflow.  We must have at least 10 students per class to initiate the course.  You will be notified in the event we do not have at least 10 students registered.  However, be advised that so far our classes are pretty full and early registration is recommended. 

Required books and materials to read before the class start date will be given after you have registered for the class.  You will be able to purchase the required text book online at amazon.com and should be approximately $15 or less depending upon new or used purchases.  Please be aware that the required book is not included in class tuition and can take about a week for delivery.  The course book is a very popular book and will be used as a guide as some of the topics of the course will be different from the book.  It is not mandatory to read before the course starts but is strongly recommended.  The entire book will have to be read by the 7th week of the course.  You will have plenty of time to read the chapters of the book for the course. 

We are excited and looking forward it and hope that you will decide to be apart of the Warrior9s Cave University School of the Prophets 2007.  You may register at below. 

If you have any questions before the class starts, please email us at info@propheticschools.com  

Warrior9s Cave University


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