Investor Strategies for this Market!

As an investor, what are the best strategies in this market? Arnie Abramson, Valugistics Corp (and Citywide Property Management), who has been successfully investing for over 17 years, will show you how to adjust your investing techniques to be successful in a market that is changing. This strategy is a MUST for ALL: REHABBERS, WHOLESALERS, and BUY & HOLDS. Whether you are a rehabber, wholesaler, cash flow-er whatever your discipline-you need to be aware of the radical changes in the real estate market-and to adapt to those changes. We all know the metamorphosis in the mortgage industry that has occurred and is still going on, but there were changes going on before that-many things that led up to it and even more happening now.

We cannot continue doing things the way we always have in the face of all these changes without making adjustments, if we are to maximize our success.

The purpose of this event is to look at these changes and make suggestions of how to adapt to them in order to improve your results.

Arnie Abramson is president of Valugistics Corp. that has been buying and managing houses within a 250-mile radius of Dallas since 1991.  He previously had a successful career in financial planning where he was the founding member of two different chapters of the International Association of Financial Planners.  He has taught investments in the LSU system, in adult education courses, and in the preparation course for the CLU designation as well as scores of seminars on investments and financial planning.


His company owns CityWide Real Estate Services, Inc. that specializes in management of residential real estate for investors that do not want the day to day responsibilities of tenants.  Additionally, CityWide provides their clients with owner finance options that comply with State law changes and solutions to due on sale clauses.


He also was vice-president of marketing for a management company that marketed public Real Estate Limited Partnerships and conducted many seminars and due diligence meetings to members of the investment community and their clients.


He currently belongs to all the real estate investment clubs in the Dallas area where he is a frequent speaker as well as a speaker for investors in Portland, San Diego, and New York-New Jersey.  He is past president of the Texas Real Estate Investors Association and is a member of the Board of the PAC for RE investors in Texas. His firm has been cited for good works by the Dallas Housing Authority and its director, who now is Secretary of HUD.


Over the years, Arnie has purchased packages of houses for his own account and for other investors.  As a result, he sees blocks of houses for sale that are not shopped around in the investor community. These houses, if they meet the positive cash flow criteria, are offered to investors that are clients of CityWide.  Usually, they are already rented and enjoy positive cash flow.

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