Advanced Training - 60 Second Commercials

Advanced Training from BNI

Confirm your seat for this Advanced Training module on 60 Second Commercials.  The meeting fee is $15.00 and will be collected at the event.

This training is only available to members who have first completed the Member Success Program ("MSP") training.

What is Advanced Training?

There are four pillars of success in BNI: The Ten Minute Presentation, the Referrals, the Dance Card, and the 60 Second Commercial. The four pillars of success are inter-related, and feed off each other. It is a continual building block so that you gain control of the referral process.

Ten Minute Presentation : We learn models to have effective, productive, inspiring, motivational 10 minute presentations.

Referrals: We learn how to identify your reactive, active, and proactive members and how to systematically move your members along the referral curve.

Dance Cards: We learn that Dance Cards are an environment to create dialogue between you and your Referral Source.  We learn how to create a continual process of collaborating your marketing and sales efforts with someone who wants to see you succeed.

60 Second Commercials: We learn that the 60 seconds actually ignites the entire referral process. We learn the nine step 60 second commercial that will give you trackable, productive results.

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Advanced Training from BNI. Confirm your seat for this Advanced Training module on 60 Second Commercials. The meeting fee is $20.00 and will be collected at the event.

Advanced Training - 60 Second Commercial; Spectrum ...

Advanced Training from BNI This training is only available to members who have first completed the Member Success Program (“MSP 2.0 “) training.

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