Treating Traumatized Military Families - Distance Learning - Beta 1

Course Description: This course covers, through lecture and supplemental reading assignments, information that will enable students to work in a variety of contexts that require a (human) relational application of traumatology and toward an understanding of systemic traumatology. Students will learn about ways of thinking about the trauma induction and reduction process as it relates to families and other relationships; how to assess and treats traumatized systems; how to better prepare systems for traumatic events in efforts to prevent the unwanted, negative consequences of such events not only on individual but also on systemic functioning.

Continuing Education: This 7 hour course will satisfy Part C of the Certified Traumatologist Certification.


Course Objectives:  Students who complete this course will have greater:  
  1. Knowledge of effective screening, intake, assessment, and treatment skills with traumatized children, families, and groups that vary by the characteristics of the clients.
  2. Knowledge of family systems relative to traumatic stress and be able to provide systemic interventions with the entire traumatized family;
  3. Skill in applying critical incident debriefing/interventions with a focus upon children, families, and groups.
  4. Knowledge of variations in response to traumatic stress among various cultural, racial, gender, and age groups and communities and how the various treatment approaches can or can not be applied to these groups of children, families, and groups;
  5. Skill in recognizing effective efforts at trauma stabilization and resolution that change to meet the unique requirements of communities;
  6. Knowledge of the theory, purpose, and characteristics of the Green Cross-approved treatments connected to various contexts;
  7. Knowledge about competent case management with traumatized populations including recording, report-writing, ancillary services and referral as it varies by context;
  8. Knowledge about context flexible treatments, assessments, and techniques that work across contexts;
  9. Knowledge of the Academy of Traumatology Standards of Practice that includes the ethical standards for traumatology and the respect for differences.

CEUs: 7 ceu9s LCSW, LMFT, LMHC

Instructor: Charles Figley PhD

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