Compassion Fatigue Therapist - Distance Learning - Beta 1 Version

Course Description: This course is designed to train practitioners to treat others suffering from compassion fatigue. The course focuses specifically on the assessment and treatment of work-related Acute Stress Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, clinical depression, substance abuse, and profound burnout in the context of the transformation toward wellness. The course provides guidance in effectively building a therapeutic alliance and focusing on the professional’s current self care status, building a commitment to wellness and the motivation to fundamentally change her or his work life style toward a transformation. This transformation to wellness includes but is not limited to both teaching effective stress management methods for both containment/control of unwanted distress and finding and applying effective desensitization methods in therapy. The course is divided into 12 parts over two full days. Students are expected to become fully engaged in this course by reading and completing all assignments, and participating fully in all discussions and experiential exercises.

Continuing Education:  Seven (7.0) ceu9s for LCSW, LMHC, LMFT, Psychologist, School Psychologist and Limited Licsense Psychologist. This course meets the Academy’s standards for the Compassion Fatigue Therapist Certification in the Academy’s Compassion Fatigue Certification Program.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the participants will:

  1. Recognize the the array of assessment methods for both compassion fatigue, resiliency, and stress reactions. 
  2. Recognize the array of treatment approaches for treating compassion fatigue and related work-related trauma.
  3. Recognize that strategies for preventing compassion fatigue are associated with effective self care and, thus the need to focus on wellness in the workplace.
  4. Describe the elements of the wellness and the MASTERS Transformative process
  5. Describe the challenges of working with those with compassion fatigue and how best to convince them that they need a comprehensive program of transformation. 
  6. Describe the process of translating the data generated from testing and interviewing the client to designing a program of treatment and Identify self-care goals
  7. Describe the basic elements of a Compassion Fatigue Treatment Program. 
  8. Understand and appreciate one’s own journey to wellness and be aware of the requirements for getting there and staying there.
  9. Learn and Practice Meditative and Contemplative Methods 
  10. Develop a path for one’s own journey and the need for self care toward wellness.
  11. Recognize resistance to, excuses about, and readiness for wellness transformation.
  12. Apply the array of treatment approaches for treating compassion fatigue and related work-related trauma.
  13. Describe the ways in which Traumatic Incident Reduction can be used effectively to desensitize traumatized workers as part of a comprehensive wellness transformation process.
  14. Describe the ways in which EMDR can be used effectively to desensitize traumatized workers as part of a comprehensive wellness transformation process.
  15. Describe the challenges of remission in the journey toward wellness and the strategies to prevent it and assure wellness maintenance.
  16. Apply the wellness transformation process in one’s own professional context (e.g., private practice, child protection, medical, first responders)
  17. Recognize and appreciate the challenges of applying the knowledge and skills of a compassion fatigue therapist to extend this knowledge through training, education, and supervision.

Instructor: Charles Figley, PhD

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