Wholesale Flipping, Looking for Houses in all the Right Places


Come learn more about Wholesale Flipping from the Queen of Deals. Cathy will be sharing her expertise of Wholesale Flipping with you once again. Don9t miss out on this great opportunity to know all you can about this Method of earning money through Real Estate Flipping. Cathy will cover the following:

  • Exploring neighborhoods effectively to generate more leads than you can handle.
  • Aggressive but inexpensive marketing that will have sellers calling you to purchase their property.
  • Master the art of COLD CALLING and find deals.
  • Acquiring a fast and straight forward property inspection and learn to estimate repairs.
  • Analyze each deal and then apply the proven formula to buy property to make a profit.
  • Building your team to work for you.
  • Detailed step by step illustrations of flipping a deal for fast $$$ and protecting your deal in teh process.


Class outline:  «     Where to look for properties. «     What to look for when looking for properties. «     I have a list of property, now what do I do? «     Finding the owners. «     What do I say to the owner, now that I found them. «     Working with Real Estate Agents that have listed distressed property. «     How to evaluate a property to see if it is a deal. «     Working  the formula. «     Writing the contract, step by step instructions. «     How to get the seller to sign the contract your way. «     I have the property under contract, now what? «     Who do I sell this property to? «     How do I know if this person will really buy this property? «     How to make sure the deal will close and you get paid.   

Name Sales End Price
Pre-Register- Primary Members Ended $139
Pre-Register- Secondary Members Ended $89
$20.00 additional at the door Ended $20
Yearly Pass Member - Pass must be shown at the door Ended Free
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