Inner Healer/Inner Wisdom

Often, a part of your body or self knows that something is out of balance and, if you are in a relaxed, receptive state, you can learn from illness or a problem how to start to provide more of what you are needing to facilitate greater healing. Guided Imagery is commonly used in Tibetan Buddhist practice and American holistic nursing to facilitate healing a part of the body, a health condition, or the self.

You can learn how to use your breath, imagination (sensory guided imaging) and relaxation techniques to become deeply relaxed, renew and restore energy, problem solve, let go of painful emotions stored in your body, strengthen immune function and become more attuned to a natural, intuitive process of healing in this workshop.  CDs for home practice will also be available

This workshop is ideal for persons at any level of experience with mind body techniques.  It is well suited for persons who wish to lower their reactivity to stress, are coping with stressful life events or chronic illness.


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Inner Healer/Inner Wisdom Ended $95