Raise Your pH Level! Alkalize and Energize for Optimal Health! 11/17/07

Find Out What Your Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, And Personal Trainer HAVE NOT Been Telling You About Health, Weight Loss, Disease, And Nutrition...

...And Why Traditional Views On Health And Nutrition Are Literally Causing Disease And Making You Fatter!

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few questions.  Please be honest with yourself when you answer them.

1.    Are you afraid of going to the beach because you DREAD wearing a bathing suit in front of others?

2.    Have you tried (or are you currently doing) a “diet” with zero to little results?

3.    Are you low on energy and “hitting a wall” in the afternoon wishing you could just find a spot to snuggle up in and take a nap?

4.    Are you always catching colds or the flu and tired of coughing and sneezing?

5.    Have you or has somebody you love been diagnosed recently with Type II Diabetes or “Pre-Diabetes”? Cancer? High Blood Pressure?

6.    Are you tired of popping pills in order to make yourself “well”?

7.    Is your poor state of health making you less productive in other aspects of your life (relationships, career, business, etc.)? 

If you answered yes to any one or more of the above questions, then you need to attend the “Raise Your pH Level. Alkalize and Energize For Optimal Health.” Seminar because… 


At Dean Teitelbaum’s “Raise Your pH Level!  Alkalize and Energize For Optimal Health” Seminar you will learn:

·         How the food you put into your body affects the pH level of your blood and tissues.

·         Why somebody is not necessarily healthy just because they look “fit” or have “six-pack abs”

·         How acidic foods can be the root of obesity, diabetes, colds, and just about any disease out there.

·         The three most important steps you can start TODAY to be on the path to better health

·         Why the “Flu Theory” is really a “Flu Myth”.

·         How to “ALKALIZE AND ENERGIZE” your body by shifting to a more alkaline lifestyle.

·         How dairy products may actually be CAUSING osteoporosis.

·         ….PLUS MUCH MORE

Come learn the TRUTH about health and nutrition and learn how to get your body into a state of optimal health through a shift in lifestyle and letting go of some of the “conventional” views of health and nutrition.  SPACE IS LIMITED.

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