Mega Mortgages (CE)

Mega Mortgages

The Complete Course in Notes,
Mortgages and Cash Flows

Presented by E. Wright Davis

CASH FLOW IS KING: How to Invest the New, Smart Way without Tenants, Toilets, and Trouble

This is one of the few comprehensive courses in the cash flow industry. The course will take the student from the grammar school to graduate school in discounted mortgages. Two and a half full days of meat. No fluff and puff. Comprehensive course. This is a comprehensive course covering both the basics and advanced techniques of owner carry back financing The course teaches how to properly structure the transaction, sell the property at full asking price, and the risks and rewards of owner carry back financing. All the legal instruments necessary to properly structure the transaction and how to solve the client’s cash problems are covered. The student will learn how to sell owner carry back financing at the closing table, or in the future. The law and the legal due diligence.

  • Basics of seller carry back financing, the various security instruments currently being utilized, the elements of a promissory note, and how an investor should structure a promissory note.
  • How to divide a cash flow, how to calculate the balance due on a note utilizing the PV and the FV methods, the importance of discounting, the sale of the seller carry back note, and the options available to the note holder.
  • How to solve the cash problem of the seller of owner financed properties. How to make five different offers on a property to solve the seller’s cash problem.
  • The difference between yield and discount and why they are not the same. The proper way to utilize balloons and partials in structuring the owner financed transaction.
  • What a “tail” is, how to utilize it, and how it is used to consummate a real estate transaction. Benefit structured partials, amortized partials, and how to utilize them in structuring real estate finance.
  • Putting partials into practice, and minimizing the risks when using partial to structure real estate financing.
  • New method of real estate financing which can be used to avoid foreclosures and increase sales for the real estate professional. How to lower a house payment for a client, pay off a mortgage early, and eliminate balloon payments in a real estate transaction.
  • How to convert long term paper to short term paper, and how to increase the yield to the buyer of the paper.
  • The techniques of purchasing real estate by utilizing the technique of substitution of collateral. How to purchase a business with discounted mortgages. Actual examples are given.
  • The technique of simultaneous closings, and how to utilize them in the sale of real estate. This session will provide the student with seven secrets of successful negotiations.
  • At the conclusion of this session the student will be familiar with the foreclosure process.
  • Important legal matters including what constitutes a proper endorsement, recourse, fraudulent financing, usury, and due diligence. At the conclusion, the student will be familiar with the various legal forms utilized in the purchasing, underwriting, and closing processes.

  • Free Calculator Power Course—$249 value
  • Real Estate Agents—22.25 hours of CEU approved by Georgia Real Estate Commission
  • Forms, checklists, contracts, contacts, workbook and Calculator Power manual included
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Learn how to get a FREE HOUSE!

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