Just What is Coaching?

So often I am asked the question, "Just what is coaching?".  I know there is an interest, but I have also realized there is a lack of understanding. 

I want to increase awareness and educate others on this incredible, fast-growing profession that9s changing lives everyday!

Participate in this F*R*E*E* teleclass to get a clear, focused and inspiring overview of Coaching. 

You will learn:

  • What makes coaching so effective 
  • Benefits coaching has to offer you 
  • If you are coachable
  • Why a sample session?
  • If this is the right time for you to hire a coach 
  • Were you born to coach?

As a follow up, you will have the opportunity to sample a personal session with me.  (I could tell you all day about coaching, but to truly understand it, you must experience it for yourself!)

Cost:  GIFT (except for any long-distance charges)

BONUS:  5 Tips to Tap into Your Intuition! How to Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom-Your Most Powerful Gift! 

Partnering with a coach is a powerful way to take your life to a whole new level. 

I am pleased to offer you this teleclass! 

"See you" on the call!

Health and abundance!

Register today!

Facilitated by
Nicole M. Isler,
Motivational Speaker and Coach,
of You Can Fly Coaching, LLC.

Call-in Number: 712-580-6300
Access Code: 306937#



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