Kansas Field Trip with Jeff Cowell - September 16, 2007

A Kansas Field Trip with Jeff Cowell


These field trips are intended to give my students the opportunity to go out in the field with me to learn more about photography. I will plan on a location or locations to shoot, but depending on the weather, we may just run off to do some storm chasing. It is, after all, Kansas, so the schedule can9t be cast in stone. 

These trips are planned to be unplanned.  I9m not going to lock us into a specific target location, but instead we will head out to wherever I think it will be a good day for shooting.  The schedule is not planned to be a 12-hour day, but depending on the circumstances, it could be.  To be more specific, I don9t have any intention to be specific about these trips.  My plan is to take people to the places that I like to go and give them the opportunity to learn more about how to shoot.  We may even discover some new placed together.

You9ll need to be prepared for weather extremes, and keep and eye on the weather the week prior to the trip.  You should also be sure to bring a supply of drinking water.  I recommend water and I9ll usually carry enough for everyone, but I9ve run into people who want pop or coffee, so just be aware that we may be many miles away from a Quick Trip or other convenience store.  You need to be sure that your batteries are charged and you9ve got plenty of extra batteries and memory cards or film.  It would not be at all surprising for somebody to take over 300 shots on one of these trips.

If you like attention, you9ll like these trips because I will take no more than 3 people on each one-day trip.  I will be available all day to help you set up shots and to make suggestions on how to get the shots you9re after.  Because I9ve been to most of the places that we9ll go, I may be able to show you how to get the angle you really want on a subject regardless of time of day.  To some degree, our destinations will depend on who has signed up for the trip, and in some cases, that might mean that the trip will be a little more "local" if it will satisfy the needs of the group participating (like the Zoo or Botanica).  By the way, entrance fees for places like that are not included in the fee.  One thing that I can pretty much guarantee is that none of these trips will ever be alike.

The schedule is always "To Be Determined".  The trip will depart some time in the early morning depending on the weather and route (I9ll keep you posted on details in the days prior to the trip), but you should plan on being gone all day and possibly late into the evening.  If I think we9ll have some good sunrise opportunities, we might be leaving very early in the morning, and of course the opposite may be true if a good sunset might be in order. We9ll spend the day on the road shooting whatever comes up and working on things you need help with.

You can pack a lunch (and dinner if we9re out late), or buy it on the road depending on where we manage to find a place.  In some cases I will prepare lunch for us while we9re on the road.

These trips will generally start  from my studio at 2300 E Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS 67214.


Name Sales End Price Fee
Student   Ended $50 $1.25
Non-Student Ended $75 $1.88

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