AIAGV Legislative Breakfast Forum 07

Legislative Breakfast Forum ‘07 


A date, location and topic have been set for the next AIA Grand Valley Legislative Breakfast Forum.

 Wednesday, September 26, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.Hunting YMCA, Downtown Grand Rapids  

Cost is $10.Breakfast will be included. Parking at the Y lot or the City lot across the street.   

Our topic this year will be “What’s so Eminent about Eminent Domain?” When this issue was on the State election ballot last fall, we wondered if voters really understood what they were voting for, or against. Here’s what the American College Dictionary says about it:

 The dominion of the sovereign power over all property within the state, by which it can appropriate private property for public use, compensation being given for it. 


Here’s what the AIA says about it:


The American Institute of Architects believes that eminent domain is a critical tool for revitalizing our cities and improving the quality of life in urban and suburban neighborhoods. State and local governments must ensure that eminent domain laws do not curtail smart growth effort, brownfield cleanup, or otherwise limit new development and improvements to existing development.

Well, based on the election results, it seems that not too many people agree with that. How many of you agree with that? Did you understand it then? Do you understand it now? Let’s get together in September and talk it over. We’ll have a panel of elected officials and experts on the subject. By then, hopefully, we’ll also have some examples of real life cases that have been tested against the new law.


Our panelists will be Senator Patty Birkholz , Representative Michael Sak, Kent County Drain Commissioner Bill Byl and local property attorney Matt Zimmerman.


Please come prepared for a lively discussion and bring your questions for the panel.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Wayne Norlin, AIA

Director of Governmental Affairs

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