CE6 Fundamentals I - Brealey Testing Centre

Blackboard Learning System

Deadline to register is: Wednesday, September 12 @ 4:00pm.


Starting in September 2007, all online gradebooks will be implemented using the new version of WebCT – CE6. As well, faculty will be required (with support) to create gradebooks from scratch themselves.

Intended for: All faculty and any staff who may end up supporting WebCT Course Pages and Grade Books.

Description: In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn to navigate the Grade Book, and tailor it to meet their needs. They will learn to create additional columns, including text, letter grade, and calculated columns, to achieve specific evaluation goals.

Participants will then learn how to manage section members and grades, and access audit trails and individual performance reports. Finally, they will discover how to link a course outline to their Course Page.


  • The Grade Book Interface
  • Setting Up the Grade Book
  • Managing Members
  • Managing Grades
  • Adding Your Course Outline

Outcomes: After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • explain the available views in the Grade Book.
  • create columns for storing or calculating data.
  • modify column settings.
  • change the Grade Book interface to suit your preferences.
  • deny and grant access to students and auditors to your section.
  • use the PeopleLinks feature to work with an individual member.
  • make grades available to students.
  • enter or override grades and view audit history.
  • create a link to their course outline. 

Please bring a copy of the course outline to work with.

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