Ghostly Limo Tour Tonight! - Aug/Sep/OCTOBER TOO!


Ghostly Tours In History

So, what are you doing tonight?

Are you ready to make that first step into another world?

Are you up for an adventure into history?

Ghostly history?

Can you escape with us as we spend the evening exploring the darker and more frightening parts of San Diego's past?

Three reportedly haunted houses, Victorian opulence that harbors sinister secrets. The dusty streets of a city's birthplace, where vengeance and justice were one and the same. Haunted haciendas and ghostly adobes await your presence. Travel the revitalized Gaslamp Quarter where murder, bloodlust, and prostitution once reigned, only to leave a spectral past. Two ships at port that boast stories of heroism, and the after-life. And what's a night out with us without a graveyard... or two?

If you have what it takes, and you wish a night out you will not soon forget;

We'll be waiting...

Name Price
Student/Senior/Military $45
General $50

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