FALL 2007 8 Week Continuing Beginners Belly Dance -- LEVEL 2 -- Wednesdays at 6:10 with Melina of Daughters of Rhea

This continuing beginners class is designed for students with who have taken a session or two of beginning belly dance lessons with Melina or another teacher and who would like to continue practicing the basics and enjoying themselves while getting a great work out. Learn sinuous and staccato hip movements, spine-awakening body isolations and undulations, wild shimmies and snake arms from a friendly, down-to-earth teacher with a lifetime of experience. Dance to the beautiful rhythms of the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa. Melina will carefully and articulately break down moves and explain which foot to step on, where to put your weight, how to protect your back and remind you to keep breathing as you explore this intricate and fun art form. Purchase here for the 8 week session package rate, NO CARRY-OVERS to future sessions please. If you think you are going to miss a couple of classes, please come on a drop-in basis, paying $17 each time for a single class, payable at the door by check or cash. Melina can only accept credit cards online here. More info at 781 209 0950.Melina of Daughters of Rhea BIOGRAPHY Melina is a modern-day bohemian Renaissance woman: second-generation belly dance artist, innovative performer, choreographer, teacher, writer, circus producer and aerialist with a PhD in medieval French Literature. She recently imported her very own oriental-style circus tent from France and gave birth to CIRQUE PASSION - www.cirquepassion.com. Born to a folk-rock-circus guitarist father (Phil Marsh) and a hippie-artist belly dance Icon (Rhea of Greece) during the late 60s Berkeley, California cultural revolution, Melina exited the womb into a vibrant life of dance and circus arts that she carries on to this day. Based in Boston, Melina travels and performs internationally. She has toured with the legendary Flying Wallendas and performs aerially on the lyra and double trapeze at galas and circuses worldwide with 5th-generation circus star husband Sacha Pavlata. Melina co-founded the belly dance company Daughters of Rhea with her sister Piper, the circus arts company Cirque Passion, and the ALS Therapy Development Institute. Her work and life has been featured on Boston's Chronicle TV, 60 Minutes II, National Public Radio, The New Yorker and the documentary So Much, So Fast. Melina lights up the stage with her unique manouche (circus gypsy) style. Melina’s uninhibited yet technically precise dance, formed as a child in circus rings and at the shimmering hip of her mother in the shadow of the acropolis, is fun-loving, globally informed, Greco-Turkish, proto-Tribal, modern Bohemian fusion.

Name Sales End Price Fee
8 Week Continuing Beginners Belly Dance Session with Melina Wednesdays at the Women's Club Ended $120 $3

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