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Avi Ron

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How to find motivated Sellers & consistently acquire properties at significant Discounts!


Learn the secrets of an Active Investor Avi Ron who has purchased over 300 properties in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with little or no money down and consistently finds 5-10 properties per month at significantly under market value using the How to Find Motivated Sellers Wealth Building System he created using Investor Automation Technology

Avi’s Proven Real Estate Wealth Building System has resulted in

  • receiving over 10,000 motivated calls in past 3 years
  • contract 5-15 properties per month with little to no money down
  • Control Properties for 120 days while finding a buyer
  • Acquired a $4 million dollar personal real estate hold portfolio at no money down and 50% equity ·
  • Lined up millions in Cash resources of
  • Resold over $30 million in residential properties he contracted on in 3 years
  • Built a solid Team of Advisors & Staff

What you will Learn at Saturday Course

  • Developing your business strategy –
  • Developing a long term get wealthy for sure plan with only 5 properties
  • Systematizing your business to minimize your time investment & maximize
  • How to find motivated sellers consistently and have them call you!
  • How to find and contract a property with $20,000 in profit in next 30 days and build a system earning $100,000 per year working part time.
  • What Key questions to ask in order to assess profitability quickly and get optimal results
  • Marketing that works on any budget
  • How to evaluate them for profitability quickly
  • How to turn deals with no equity into winners
  • How to get them sellers under contract with no money down and get 120 days to find a buyer
  • How to get your marketing system paid for by others
  • How to Use this system to build your long term wealth as well as maximizing your annual income
  • Get a higher success ratio using the Avi’s Real Estate Wealth Building Acquisition  strategy with the incredible relocation contract which will take most of the risk out of buying for quick turnover.
  • How to get free marketing/mailing costs by joint venturing with industry partners-- Get other businesses to pay you so you can run your ads for FREE
  • How to resell for maximum profit in a down market
  • Learn how to turn your business on autopilot with cutting edge systems and contact management tools.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone having trouble finding deals with equity
  • Investors have been marketing with little or no results
  • Those looking to take their business to the next level
  • Those looking to quit their job in the next year
  •  Anyone tired of working for the man and wants to take control of their life.
  • Anyone looking for a part time business that produces substantial full time income.
  • Those unsure about which real estate vehicle is best for them, flips, short-sale,  wholesaling, long term holds -this course will address all those 
  •  Anyone wanting a strategy to create massive wealt
Fee: $99 Single or $149 Couple August 25th, 2007 9am to 5pmLocation: CCSU IT Building, 185 Main St. 3rd fl, New Britain, CT

For More Information:

Addditional Benefits:
· Receive $1000 in coupons that you can use immediately from our Advisor Vendor Team including Contractors, Mortgage Lenders…985



Name Sales End Price Fee
Individual Ticket Ended $99 $2.48
Couples-Business Partners Ended $149 $3.73

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