CE6 Fundamentals II - Brealey Rm 3610C

Blackboard Learning System

Based on recommendations from the Course Page pilot run during the Winter 2007 semester, paticipants will learn how to incorporate Course Page elements that will complement their Grade Books and Course Outlines.

Prerequisite: CE6 Fundamentals I or permission of the instructors.

Intended for: Faculty who want to expand their course pages beyond the Grade Book and Course Outline, and staff who may be supporting them.

Description: This workshop introduces participants to the interface and tool sets.  After working in My Blackboard and Mail, participants will explore the Build, Teach, and Student View tabs as they become familiar with select tools.
Participants will then learn the key skills necessary to begin creating a Course Page that goes beyond a course outline and grade book.  Through hands-on activities, they will customize their course by adding and editing headers, creating and adding simple components, and customizing the look of their course.  


  • Getting Started
    • My Blackboard
    • Mail
  • Exploring a Course
    • Designing Your Course: The Basics
    • Design Features of the Build Tab
      • Course Tools: Announcements, Calendar, Discussions,  Search and Web Links
    • Customizing the Look of Your Course

Outcomes: After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • navigate and customize My Blackboard.
  • navigate through Mail; compose and organize mail messages.
  • identify and perform functions that are common to many features.
  • explore a section, including its tab structure, Home Page, and Course Menu.
  • identify three major steps in course design.
  • add Course Tools, reorder them, and determine whether they are visible to students.
  • create content items using Course Tools.
  • organize content by adding links, files, and folders to the Home Page.
  • customize visual aspects of your course such as colours, page layout, icon sets, and headers/footers.

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