Speaker Trainng 101

This intensive, practical, how-to workshop is for speakers who are just getting started, people who have authored a book and for those who desire to become professional speakers. It is for those who want to speak part-time, full-time or develop an additional stream of income.

The workshop will address the following questions and much more:

"YOU" The Speaker

What do I need to get started?
How do I determine my readiness?
What is my core message?
Should I wait until I am well known to start speaking in public?
Do I have what it takes to be successful?
What am I really passionate about?
How can I leverage my current profession or experience?


How do I decide my topics?
Is it OK to speak with notes?
Should I incorporate my clients theme?
How do I put my message together?
How can I get and hold the audience attention?
When is the best time to incorporate stories, anecdotes and quotes?
Where do I find the best stories to use?
What is the best delivery style?
How should I best support my content?
What are the best ways to connect with the audience to make impact?

The Speaking Business

Who is my target audience?
How can I make myself appealing to them?
What should I charge?
How do I determine my fee?
When should I use a contract?
How do I decide my topics?
What is the #1 promotional piece I need to get started?
Do I really need a website?
Should I work with speakers bureaus?
What is "Back of the Room" sales?
How do I create product?
Where do I find speaking opportunities?
Besides a "One sheet", what other marketing materials will I need?


What are other ways to generate income speaking?
How do I get started with email marketing?
What is the best way to grow my list?
Should I get involved with internet marketing?

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Professional Speaker Training 101 - The Robinson Agency

"Thank you so much for your Speaker Training 101. This class was amazing! Your delivery was fabulous and your content was much more than I had imagined.


Professional Speaker Training 101 - The Robinson Agency

"Thank you so much for your Speaker Training 101. This class was amazing! Your delivery was fabulous and your content was much more than I had imagined.


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