The Heart-Based Millionaire 2 Day Event

The Heart-Based Millionaire 2 Day Event

August 4 and 5, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

Unity Village, Lee9s Summit

You have seen the movie, right?

You know, the one about the law of attraction?

Well, it is no Secret anymore!

Introducing the first full scale 2 day workshop where you will learn every aspect of the law of attraction, inside and out. 

Would you rather create wealth and abundance with smiles, laughter, joy, freedom, wisdom, kindness, compassion, responsibility, ease, and love? 

Or would you rather pound the pavement of life with a sledgehammer until you have all the money you want, but your nerves are fried, your heart is weak, and your relationships are strained? 

You see, there are two paths to go down. The first one has been tested and found to work. It takes massive amounts of hard labor, but in the end you will get there.  You can have a lot of money in this hard way, if you want.

Or, you can learn the powerful law of attraction and manifest true wealth in all areas of your life with ease, grace, and joy.

We teach the latter.

Heart-based millionaires are those who have deeply developed a consciousness of wealth in all areas of life: spiritual, mental, relational, physical, and financial.

Heart-based millionaires have deeply begun the rich and powerful inner process of realizing our oneness with the Universe... with the Source of Infinite Wealth. From the realization of this oneness, powerful intentions can be easily and joyously manifest.

Heart-Based Millionaires create wealth in our lives for the sole purpose of paying it forward.

Heart-Based Millionaires know, deep in our hearts, minds and cells that love is the only true currency in the world. So it’s not just the money that makes us so wealthy: It is the love that we flood into the marketplace. It’s the real value that we add to the lives of others. It’s the deep sense of knowing that we have contributed in such a way that the ripples of our love will outlast our days on this planet.

We are smile millionaires first and always. Our true wealth is found within our genuine, heart-based smiles.

Does this resonate with you?

Have you often wondered if there was a better way to create abundance in your life?

I want to personally invite you to join me in a 2 day transformational event in Kansas City Missouri on August 4 and 5, 2007. 

This is the first, full scale workshop teaching the powerful heart-based millionaire system.

My intention is that this 2 day event will totally re-write your consciousness from the limiting beliefs of poverty to the full realization of your oneness with infinite wealth, joy, love and wisdom. Be prepared to go deep within yourself, because that is where all the wealth in the world is found.

That9s the Secret. It is all within you.

What you create within, will be manifest without.

Say that to yourself until you really begin to feel the full force of what it means:

What I create within, will be manifest without.

In this powerful, one-of-a-kind 2 day event, you will begin the process of discovering the goldmine that you are sitting on. Most people search frantically in the outer conditions of life for wealth, joy, health, etc... when they are sitting on top of the biggest mother lode in history.

Did you know that inside your body... down deep within your cells and deeper... deeper within your atoms and deeper... is an inherent oneness with all the wealth and abundance that ever has been or will be?

Really, really think about this for a moment.  Consider the full implications of that statement.

It9s all energy. All of it. You. Me. The computer you are staring at right now. It9s all energy. All money is a manifestation of energy. All ideas... All concepts... All inventions... All creations... And it is all within you.

Yes, this may be hard to believe. All you need to do is consider the possibility. Be willing to believe that you are a giant, that you are a magnificent beautiful heart-based millionaire waiting to be uncovered.

During this 2 day event, you will have the opportunity to sink into a deeply safe, empowering, relaxing, and delicious state of mind where you can uncover the wealthy, beautiful, unlimited being that you have always been. This is unlke anything you have ever seen, or been to before.

This is not one of those get-rich overnight seminars where a gold-toothed salesman gets up on the podium and tells you about his perfect system to turn bread into silver dollars.

This is a deep, inner transformational event. You won9t be dazzled and promised riches overnight.

What you will get is this: a really fun, powerful beginning of transformational process that will continue to unfold long after you leave me. I will help you begin the process of really, deeply, and sincerely knowing yourself as an unlimited being of abundance. I will help you begin to create an energy field of abundance. I will help you make this thought the absolute law of your life: I am one with the Source of Infinite Wealth. 

How would your life look and feel if you really knew that you are one with the Source of Infinite Wealth?

Yes, there will be spiritual principles involved, but no preaching. You will be exposed to principles and strategies from many different traditions, all for the purpose of stirring that awakening within you.

We use laughter, creative relaxation techniques, and cutting edge tools to help you take that inner shift... away from the illusion that other people, conditions, or circumstances determine your state of abundance... and deep into the full realization that you are the creator... or the creatress... of your destiny...

Here is more of what you will get out of this experience:

*In an intimate, exciting, and fun group environment, experience a powerful, simple twelve step system of manifesting wealth with ease...

*Within a group of like-minded souls, experience a simple, profound breathing method to expand your heart... and open your inner capacity to receive abundance in all forms, shapes, sizes, and dimensions.  Expand your inner tea cup to a container the size of the atlantic ocean. This one method can literally open your heart to the true miracle of who you really are.

*How to use the powerful breathing method to activate the law of attraction by realizing your oneness with the entire universe. Go even further and experience the quantum leap of joining minds with a group of new friends in stirring this realization of oneness within you.

*Begin to consciously and deliberately create your life by using the power of advanced gratitude to craft your life the way you choose to. This is where it gets really fun.

*Discover a powerful way to inject energies of gratitude, faith, power, passion, feeling, commitment, tenacity, patience, and persistence. This fills your intention with energy and makes it come alive!

*Dive deep into a powerful, creative relaxed state of mind where you can impress this intention upon what scientists call "the quantum field of the universe" or what the famous author, Wallace Wattles called the "Original Thinking Stuff from which all things are made." This is where you enlist the resources of the entire universe in manifesting your deepest desires. Experiencing this in a group setting is truly transformational.

*Learn to instantly collapse negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs... using a powerful system of tapping on various accupressure points. This powerful system of tools has been used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world already. Prepare to be floored! And this is a tool that you will be able to use for the rest of your life to gain instant relief from a wide variety of unconfortable emotional issues.

*Take another swan dive back into a powerful relaxed state of mind and begin to resonate 144 Affirmations of Wealth within every cell and atom of your body... Work within powerful group processes to really begin to feel these affirmations vibrating within you.

*Learn the power of masterminding. Begin to form your own mastermind team to really take the entire system to quantum, miraculous levels. Learn about my team and how you can be a part of it if you wish. Discover how to join minds in manifesting wealth of all kinds for the purpose of giving it back.

*Learn to energize and move with grace and joy toward the fulfillment of all your desires. How to think in a special way that will fill all your actions with power. Discover how to uncover your deepest passion, energy, enthusiasm, dreams, ideas, and goals.

*Discover the power of “giving back” to ignite your gratitude, passion, and prosperity...

Here is more of what you will get:

*6 powerful transformational CD9s that you can take with you to deepen and anchor your experiences.

*a 100 plus eBook, The Heart-Based Millionaire.

*Lifetime Membership in the Heart-Based Millionaire Newsletter where you can receive tips, enhancements, and upgrades.

*Six months of email support after you are finished with the workshop.

*An experience that will begin a process of transformation that will continue long after the workshop is over.

*A host of new friends... and I mean real friends... that you will be able to network with and get support from long after the workshop is over.

The price

$249.00.  I will donate 20.00 for every ticket sold to my friend, Iqbal, for his school in India. Giving back is such a powerful ingredient in this entire process.  And you absolutely must learn about Iqbal.  Meeting him has permanently changed my life.  Go to

Remember this:

The transformation begins when you make the decision.  So if you like what you hear, and it feels right to you, then decide to join me.  Choose.  Making this decision is an inner event.  This shift within you, the decision to join me, will positively effect the rest of your life.   I look forward to providing you with a deep and powerful event!

Sincerely Yours:

Daniel Peebles
The Heart-Based Millionaire System
721 Main Street, Suite 108
Grandview Missouri 64030

Name Sales End Price
Member Ended $249
Two Friends Ended $449
Three Friends Ended $649

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