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This class will prepare the investor to negotiate the purchase and know when it is no longer a good deal. It will cover basic real estate investing steps that investors should perform prior to meeting with a prospective seller as well as discussion of the dynamics of the ‘face-to-face’ conversation. The investor will learn the different types of sellers, both motivated and ‘difficult’, persuade certain sellers to be partners with their client, and explain the meaning of (and how to) achieve ‘win win’ in real estate negotiations. The investor will recognize when a ‘good deal’ has become a ‘bad deal’, and will be able to design terms and conditions that promote good will between the them and the seller. The investor will implement the necessary ‘due diligence’ that should be performed at this stage to protect themselves. The course is designed to give the investor an introduction to developing ‘negotiating skills’ and encourage the investor to continue to develop his/her communications and listening skills. Frank Friesenhahn is your instructor. Frank is a hard money lender with ILS and is also an appraiser. He has many years of experence putting deals together and will share his knowledge with you to become a success.

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