Ins and Outs of Owner Finance - A Subprime Alternative

Who better than Mr. Arnie Abramson to tell us the pros and cons to owner financing? Arnie will cover the following:

* Why owner finance?
* How to owner finance
* Pluses and Minuses
* Major obstacles and how to overcome them
* Due on sale clause
* Dealer status
* Management of owner financed houses
* Current opportunities and market analysis

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6:30pm - 9:30pm

Arnie Abramson

President of Valugistics Corp and its affiliated companies, including CityWide property management. He has been buying, holding, and managing single-family houses in the Metroplex and surrounding areas since 1991. He has been through the changes in the law affecting contracts for deed and lease/options and has managed hundreds of owner-financed houses and rentals for other investors as well. Arnie is past president of TxREIA, is a speaker at investment clubs and investor groups in the Metroplex, Portland, Oregon, San Diego, and New York-New Jersey.

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