Combo Course Mastering Short Sales in the Arizona Market & Supporting Buyers In A Short Sale Transaction ~ American Title

This advanced class combination is the one of the  prerequisites to obtaining the Master Short Sale Consultant (MSSC) certification. Compare to courses that are 3 to 4 times as much!  You won't be disappointed! Join the 2000 Arizona agents who have attended this class since May 2009.

Learn about the Making Home Affordable (MHA) and Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) that covers the standardization from the banks.  Don't be left in the dark.  Be prepared for what's coming! 




15 Continuing Education Credits

3 Agency* 3 Disclosure* 3 Contract Law* 6 General Education*

Course Material* Seller and Buyer Presentations and Handouts* Custom Forms* Short Sale Contract Clauses* Short Sale Calculators* 80+ Lender Specific Short Sale Packets* 85 Loss Mitigation Contact

phone numbers* FAQ’s* FHA and VA Procedures including Forms


Instructor: Desiree Montgomery


Advanced course that provides detailed information on how to qualify, list and close more Short Sale Transactions.














  • Determine which Short Sale Listings to take and which to pass on ~ (New standards)

  • Protect yourself and the Seller with our Seller Due Diligence Standards

  • Pricing and Marketing a Short Sale (new changes)

  • Difference between Short Sales and Other Real Estate Transactions

  • What your Short Sale Package Really Needs— Its not what you Think! (Simplified standards)

  • Learn How to Effectively Communicate with the bank

  • Setting Expectations With The Buyers Agent, Buyers Lender and Title Company

  • When, How and Why to Escalate Your Sellers file

  • How to Make Your Negotiations With The Bank Seamless

  • How to get other Agents and Past Clients Help You Sell More Short Sales

  • Understand the Difference with Conventional, FHA, and VA Short Sales

  • Common Mistakes That Result in a Denial to the Buyers Offer

  • Qualifying the Listing Agent

  • Qualifying the buyer and getting the buyer to commit to one property

  • Useful Clauses to the Short Sale Addendum to the Purchase Contract

  • Getting progression updates from the Sellers

  • Getting proof that your buyers offer was submitted to the bank

  • Are you aware of the banks incentives and how to use them in your negotiations















Name Sales End Price
General Admission   Ended $100

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Combo Course Mastering Short Sales in the Arizona Market ...

... Course Mastering Short Sales in the Arizona Market & Supporting Buyers In A Short Sale Transaction ... Combo Course Mastering Short Sales in the ...

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... presents Combo Course Mastering Short Sales in Arizona, ... Mastering Short Sales in the Arizona Market and Supporting Buyers in a Short Sale Transaction.

Mastering Short Sales in the Arizona Market Supporting ...

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"Mastering Short Sales n the Arizona Market" ... Short Sales in the Arizona Market & Supporting Buyers in a Short Sale Transaction." ... with First American Title

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