I'm A SmartApp, Are You?

I'm A SmartApp, Are You?

Come find out how these trends and others will impact the growth of your business

  1. A study from a multibillion dollar corporation found that it’s one of three things people don’t leave the house without
  2. You could be in 50% of your prospects purses and 20% of their trousers
  3. Women ages 35-44 are the fastest growing group of users
  4. 73% of these searches are for maps and directions - great for location based search - like open houses

Did you know that you could?

  1. Show your listings to more people without leaving your desk
  2. Show your buyers that you are working hard for them by putting information in the palm of their hand- without printing a thing
  3. Tell Your Story The Perfect Way Every Time
  4. Show your listings 29 different ways 

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I'm on a network with a statically assigned IP address, ... SmartApp -> C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.INTERNAL\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005


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SmartApp to send me a text. Since I'm a geeky guy and like getting robotic ... an IFTTT channel for creating custom solutions. If you're thinking about dabbling with home automation, SmartThings has a complete …

TUAW • 4/7/2014

I, Smartapp

There's UML, there's other modeling ideas like Alloy, where—given enough information about your design—for some finite number of nodes, they can tell you whether you're going ... looking for something to do. I'm sure there are exceptions.

adtmag.com • 12/1/2005

SmartThings is still nerdy, but growing consumer-friendly

The “Notify Me When” SmartApp is a good ... is up on a hill, but you get the idea). The multi would detect unexpected temperature changes (if, for instance, the furnace failed) and notify me via the SmartThings hub.

Twin Cities Blogs • By Julio Ojeda-Zapata • 8/22/2013

Android to iPhone: I miss my widgets

The old saying holds true: you don’t know what ... an entire screen in OS X to widgets and widgets alone. It’s funny, when I picked up Android, widgets were pretty low on my list of killer features. Now I’m struggling …

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Opinion: What might we expect from Apple in 2014?

I’m ... of Siri, my enthusiasm isn’t universally shared, to put it mildly – suggesting it would be a brave move on Apple’s part to make voice the primary interface. My guess is that Siri will be supported, but – as with your iPhone – you ...

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This Kickstarter Collaboration Brings Apps to Literally Everything

A SmartApp will let you close garage doors remotely, even away from home. If you connect the lock on the front door, SmartThings will unlock the door as soon as you walk up to reach for the knob, and it will automatically lock when the system detects …

Yahoo News • By Joann Pan • 9/18/2012

Deborah A. Bell, CIO of Ameriana Bank, becomes newest member of D+H U.S. Advisory Board

I'm excited to be a voice for our country's community banks at ... where he focused on improving customer value through solutions from SmartApp Technology, LLC. He co-founded Software Dynamics, Inc. in 1982 and was its President and Chief Executive …

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Quiz App, the Next Big Thing, Brainchild of US Olim Startup

Indeed, dozens of Israeli start-ups have become funded and are recognized worldwide as leaders in their individual spaces, including: Conduit, Shaker, Wibya, Wix, Boxee, Face, Gigya, Soluto, Taykee, SmartApp ... s the limit!” If you don't see your ...

Jewish Press • 5/24/2012

Technology Champion

For example, the carrier's SmartApp ... "When you're the leader, you've got to be the innovator," Amos relates. "Competitors look to see how they can beat us; we have to fund ways to improve our own business and beat ourselves." "I'm not a technology ...

Insurance & Technology • 5/13/2005

Aflac Incorporated at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Insurance Conference - Final

JEFF SCHUMAN, ANALYST, KEEFE, BRUYETTE & WOODS: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us. I'm Jeff Schuman. I cover the large cap ... Our sales associates have used our unique SmartApp system to sell electronically for more than 14 years.

Insurance News Net • 9/4/2007