2009 Show and Deliver Popcorn Distribution--Large Size

The Del-Mi District will be scheduling our popcorn distribution for this year's Show and Deliver sale using an order size grouping. This approach recognizes the fact that an order less than $1,000 will take much less time to load than one that is $15,000.

Like last year's distribution, the folks at Helmer will sort your product for you before you arrive at your scheduled time. A unit volunteer needs to arrive between 10 and 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time to confirm the correct count of the product.  Due to safety concerns, only one (1) unit volunteer will be allowed into the warehouse to count the product.

Once the product has been counted and confirmed, the unit volunteer will be directed to a bay from which they may load product. Units only need to bring volunteers to help load product. Volunteers are not needed to count or sort product before hand nor will any additional volunteers be allowed into the facility.

Like with all Del-Mi District popcorn distributions, units are requested to bring a copy of their unit roster. The roster may be submitted ahead of time via e-mail to nbaker@crossroadsbsa.org or to a district popcorn kernel at the distribution.

To reserve a distribution time, please select a time and date from the schedule above.

ALL of your vehicles MUST arriveno less than 10 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time according to the above sorting schedule. Units that do not have all of their vehicles ready at their exact time will be pushed back to the end of the line.

We reserve the right to move pick up times forward if there are openings ahead of your time. We will notify you of this change.

Warehouse Rules

  1. For safety concerns, no one under the age of 21 is allowed in the facility.
  2. ONLY ONE volunteer from each unit is allowed in the facility at a time.
  3. Vehicles/Trucks/Trailers may back-up to dock areas once a bay has been assigned to you by the district popcorn kernel. Please park first and check-in. A volunteer will assign you a bay number once your product has been confirmed and staged.
  4. No cars/vehicles are allowed inside.

Name Sales End Price
Thursday at 3:00 PM Ended Free
Thursday at 4:00 PM Ended Free
Thursday at 5:00 PM Ended Free
Thursday at 6:00 PM Ended Free
Thursday at 7:00 PM Ended Free
Thursday at 8:00 PM Ended Free

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Show and Deliver Popcorn Distribution

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