Live E-Learning VMWARE ESX SERVER 3.5 AND VIRTUALCENTER 2.5 Install & Configure Beyond

Our world-class VMWare ESX and Virtual Center training including our Install and Configure Beyond course and our VMware vSphere Advanced course is now available in a Distance Learning environment. Now you can gain the skills you need to manage your virtual environment or further your career without the need to leave your home or office environment.  Presented by Rock Solid!

  • See, hear, and speak with the instructor - just like you would in the classroom.
  • Each student gets their very own ESX Server to use during the week. 
  • Learn from Virtualization Expert Trainers.  

The Infrastructure 3 suite of products consisting of: ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5 and VMware Consolidated Backup, is both

exceptionally powerful and comprehensive. Our Install and Configure Beyond course is intended for students with significant

production experience in the Infrastructure 3 product suite. It is our intention to take your existing knowledge base and expand upon that.


• ESX Server familiarity

• VirtualCenter usage

• VirtualCenter Administration

• Excellent familiarity with Windows

• Some familiarity with Linux


ESX Server 3.5

Physical to Virtual (P2V) migrations

VirtualCenter 2.5 Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migrations

Storage VMotion VMware Converter 3.0 Enterprise Edition

Update Manager VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)

Distributed Power Management Command line administration

VMware Guided Consolidation 3

rd Party Reviews – Platespin, VizionCore, Veeam

Complete Outline:

1) What's New - an in-depth look at Infrastructure 3

a) I3 product architecture

b) New feature overview

2) Introduction to a Virtualized Environment - Terms and concepts to support Virtualization

a) Common terms and definitions

b) ESX service console

3) Installing ESX server 3.5

a) Pre

b) Installing

c) Post


4) Configuration of Virtual Machines, templates, and clones

a) VM build basics

b) VM build advanced

c) VM files

d) VM optimization

5) Configuration of Virtual Networking and supporting VMotion

a) Understanding of layer 2 switches

b) Bulid and design vm, vmkernel, and service console switches

c) MAC support and discussion

6) P2V , V2V, V2P, and P2P Methods and Techniques

a) 4 common techniques/tools

b) VMware convertor enterprise and free tool use

c) Comparison of tools and considerations

7) Server Consolidation Procedures and reasoning

a) Server consolidation benefits

b) Server consolidation tools

c) Server consolidation project methods

8) Tools to support a virtual infrastructure - VMware, Platespin, Vizioncore, Veeam and


a) Veem tools

b) Vizioncore tools

c) Platespin tools

d) Other misc tools

a) Virtualcenter design considerations

b) Virtualcenter databases

c) Install Virtualcenter

d) VMotion

e) Securing Virtualcenter

f) Update Manager

g) Power Management

h) Guided consolidation

i) DRS

j) HA

k) Clustering

l) Performance monitoring

m) Event logs

n) Alarms

o) Resource pools

p) Cloning

q) Topology maps

10) Best Practices within a Virtual Enterprise

a) Hardware

b) software

c) Virtual Machine

11) Backing up the ESX Environment - Service Console and Virtual Machines – VCB

a) Backing up Service Console

b) Backing up Virtual Machine

c) Traditional and non traditional methods

12) The ESX Server inside - a look a understanding the underlining OS

a) Critical files

b) ESX boot process

c) ESX startup environment

d) Filesystem managment

e) runlevels

13) Using the Command Line Interface for supporting ESX Servers - ESX commands

a) Common linux commands

b) File editing and management

c) VMware specific commands


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