Copy of Power Point

MS PowerPoint 2003

Delivery Method:  Instructor Led

Duration:  5 Hours

Overview:  Students will learn the skills necessary to begin creating effective presentations in PowerPoint



Topic 1:  PowerPoint Basics


Exploring the PowerPoint environment

Opening a presentation

Running a Presentation

Examining the environment

Observing views

Closing a presentation and exiting PowerPoint



Topic 2:  Building a New Presentation


Creating a new presentation

The Presentation dialog box

The new slide dialog box

Entering text in a slide

Adding a new slide

Adding a bullet slide

Rearranging slides in Slide Sorter view

The AutoContent Wizard



Topic 3:  Printing a Presentation


Opening and existing presentation

Header and footer

Page setup

Choosing a printer

Printing slides, Audience Handouts and Speaker Notes



Topic 4:  Applying and Modifying Templates


Viewing Masters

Changing the display using the Master

Modifying Master Placeholders

Formatting Master text

Formatting bullets

Hiding Master objects

Saving a presentation



Topic 5:  Drawing and Modifying Objects


Drawing an object

Editing an object

Modifying object attributes

Rotating and flipping objects



Topic 6:  Inserting Information


What is the Clip Gallery

Scaling an Image

Inserting and formatting a table

Inserting and modifying WordArt



Topic 7:  Producing a Slide Show


Setting slide transitions

Animating slide text

Animating slide objects

Hiding a Slide

Animation Effects Toolbar

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