In this weekend workshop, led by Elemental expert Fiona Murray; author of Messages from Nature’s Guardians, you will learn how to connect with the Fairies (flower & plant guardians) and the Mermaids (ocean guardians). Held in the lovely Fountains Court Holistic Health Hotel in Scarborough, this is an oasis of peace and tranquillity offering you not only spiritual retreat but healthy vegetarian food and the option of holistic treatments also.

On arrival on the Friday afternoon/evening you will have the opportunity to have a treatment (extra cost), sit in the zen garden or relax in the hot tub or sauna. A vegetarian buffet will be provided (dietary needs can be accommodated if known in advance) and Fiona will give you at talk on working with the Fairies and Mermaids.

On the Saturday at 10.30am The Fairy workshop will begin. Fiona will take you on a Chakra clearing meditation with the Fairies, teach you about working with Fairy essences and crystals then take you on another meditation to meet your Guardian Elemental and receive personal messages from them. After a light lunch you will then go on a walk to Peasholm park and Fiona will help open up your elemental chakra so you can go and communicate with the nature spirits. Working with the Fairy Ascension Sphere Sets; a new meditation tool to help advance your sixth sense development. You will learn about Fairy manifestation and also healing with the Fairies. Dinner will be held back in the hotel and the evening is free allowing you to do as you please and use the facilities or go out.

Sunday workshop will start at 10.30pm and Fiona will connect you to the mermaid energy. Again a mermaid chakra clearing meditation will be performed as well as a mermaid and dolphin connection meditation allowing you tor receive personal messages. Crystal work and Essence spray and other mermaid connection tools will be used. After lunch we will walk to the beach and connect with the mermaids living around the Scarborough shoreline. We will perform a healing for them and the seas as well as work with mermaid ascension sphere sets. The course will finish on Sunday afternoon.

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