Discourse: What Does 'Progressive' Really Mean?

What Does 'Progressive' Really Mean?

We are all interested in progress, in its broadest sense -- the development of mankind by way of new ideas, findings, or opportunities.  Science, democracy, and art all strive toward it; many men and women gave their lives for it.

But is that the extent of progressivism -- to constantly innovate in the pursuit of general betterment?  Is progressivism non-ideological?  Is a "progressive" always against the status quo?  And if so, how could a "progressive" ever be in power?

Or is progressivism something more substantial -- a full cultural and political philosophy distinct from both conservatism and liberalism?  And if so, does that make it just as dogmatic as its rivals?


Join us for an evening of moderated discussion and drinks at the Ruby Room with Discourse by Generation Progress, and your moderator, Rachel O'h-Uiginn.


You can read the moderator's advance notes on this topic by clicking here (PDF).

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