Longevity and paste in the middle

Twinkling of an eye, to the Emperor Qianlong's birthday.

The day, the Royal Palace are all very, very busy. Ministers, princes, Bei Lebei child who envoys who have ... ... A buddy are in accordance with etiquette, to the Qianlong Yoshihisa, we have presented so painstakingly prepared to present. All of a sudden, antique jade, calligraphy and painting sculpture, Western watches, jewelry Ruyi, the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum, plants that ... ... before the face of a Qianlong. However, all these gifts, Qianlong also see more. As for the birthday Yoshihisa the set, but also year after year, nothing new. Qianlong for such a birthday is really some tired. Until the drama on stage, performances birthday program, he was the spirit of Da-Zhen.

He sat in the seat opposite the stage, the Queen Mother, Queen, Princess Bin Ling Fei, and all full attendance. A Man, princess who the Princess of Wales were also sitting. Seiji sat beside the Queen Mother, 12 Elder brother sat beside the Queen, seven princess, nine princess sat next to Ling Fei. On the stage, decorated much of the Longevity and paste in the middle. Looked at the seat of Emperor Qianlong Morohito, some wonder, because there is no Flying Swallow, and Lagerstroemia indica, but also did not see Yong-Qi and Erkang. Erkang care possible and Foran in the background, how Yongqi not come? Favorite lively Flying Swallow, to go where? There Lime do?

On the stage, is bustling performances of "Shuangshi auspicious." Vivid I saw two lions, jump on stage dancing. Sometimes the sky, you're ready in close-quarter fight. Sometimes creeping volts to the ground, behavior among some. Sometimes to each other teasing Yaotoubaiwei. Sometimes run chase, full market roll. Two lions, all kinds of things, see you stunned, dazzled. Qianlong can not help but applaud, applaud everyone followed suit.

Seiji looked at the Queen Mother smiling and said:

"It's Shuangshi auspicious, I have seen many times, this is really different! Extremely good-looking!"

"Must have been to the emperor longevity, special training!"

"Do not know who is responsible for it? Programming was quite good!" Empress asked.

Ling Fei heart proud, could not resist interface:

"Back to Buddha, is Foran and Erkang arrangements!"

"Ah?" Empress looked Seiji 1: "They are father and son indeed the pillars of the emperor !"

Queen try to figure out the intention of the Queen Mother, said:

"Buddha, this Erkang really cream of the crop of talent, a pity that the emperor gave him a folk princess is really laid to waste!"

Seiji turns heads looked at the stage, does not seem to hear this topic.

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