Essentials of Basic Accounting


Essentials of Basic Accounting

“Learn how to interpret and prepare a full set account in these two days training”
by WF Ngau

Date & Venue
7th-8th October 2009, Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur
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Dear Friend,

Besides keeping a complete and proper set of accounts of all registered companies that is compulsory, it is also important that this set of accounts is properly prepared so that the owners of the business can use them to navigate their business. In these troubling days, they also mirror the troubles ahead of times, if only that the staffs know how to interpret them correctly and accurately.

Though the owners of business are aware of the stringent laws that expect greater compliance, the usefulness of these set of accounts is far greater than that. This can be used as a basis for making a Business Plan or Business Model as benchmarks are set for all the staff to follow. It can be applied to create all types of budget to be adopted by the departmental relevant to formulate the reports required by the banks when application for banking facilities is sought. Thus the correct application of the principles of accounting and the thoroughness in the preparation of this set of account is therefore the foundation of a strong business.

What is this workshop all about?

This workshop is designed to not only to comply with S132 of Companies Act and S82 of Income Tax Act, but the applications of the principles of accounting to make meaningful decisions in running a business. You will learn how to read the Financial Statements to help you to make better decisions; learn to prepare timely Accounts that will help you to win praise from higher management and meeting the deadlines for filing with the Inland Revenue Department and SSM. And by adhering to the fundamentals of accounting, you will provide a more accurate set of accounts showing a true and fair view. By keeping the proper substantiating documents and supporting schedules will help the audits of your company's accounts by the Auditors and IRD field audits. There are also certain internal control methods you will learn to adopt to prevent fraud.

This 2 day workshop cover the 6 crucial lessons

Lesson 1: Learn the basic Accounting Rules

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of accounting - definition of accounting, accounting principles and concepts
  • Beginning of any business transaction
  • Distinction between revenue and capital expenditure
  • Understanding the primary books of entries

Lesson 2: How to do systematic recording and proper documentations

  • Description of main books of accounting system
  • Systematic approach in doing proper book entries
  • Source documents and management of supporting documents for accounting transaction

Lesson 3: Learn the proper classification of expenses, and control the cash & bank balances

  • Preparation of the Chart of accounts
  • Allocation and proper classification of expenses.
  • The Cash book in relation to the bank account, layout and daily cash receipts
  • Preparing a timely Bank reconciliation statement
  • The Petty cash Imprest system

Lesson 4: Steps taken to prepare the P&L and what adjustments needed

  • The Trial balance - its importance and uses
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • The Profit and Loss account - preparation (accrual and deferral of expenses)
  • Preparation of the P & L as quickly as possible
  • Review the items in the P &L Accounts

Lesson 5: The preparation of the Balance Sheet and other performance indicators

  • The Balance Sheet - its importance and uses
  • Final adjusting entries
  • The uses of ratios in financial analysis and its interpretation
  • The cash flow statement - where is the profits gone to?

Lesson 6: Other importance accounting and financial matters

  • Depreciation of Fixed Assets, methods of calculation
  • The cash conversion cycle
  • Inventory control and management, and stock taking
  • Credit control and accounts receivable
  • Budgeting
  • Foreign Exchange and hedging
  • Some aspect of accounting procedure and internal control

Why this workshop?

You will learn the 7 essential skills to cope with the demand of your management and assist them in making a better decision.

You will learn how to:

  1. Apply and understand accounting principles, concepts and methodologies
  2. Write a full set of accounts and allocation expenses, distinguishing between expenses and capital items
  3. Prepare timely financial statements and variance analysis to enable management actions
  4. Use financial information to navigate the business and set the key performance indicators and a business model
  5. Convince the banks for more banking facilities by interpreting these financial data
  6. Adherence if compliance to legislations governing accounts and records keeping
  7. Facilitate financial reporting, auditing, tax submission and lodgment with SSM

Course Leader

WF Ngau joined the Audit Firm of K.K San & Liew, Hew & Company in June 1967 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976.

In 1980, he joined Nylex Malaysia as Company Secretary / Accountant and was promoted to Group Financial Controller / Company Secretary in 1986.

As Financial Controller / Company Secretary, WF Ngau was actively involved with numerous aspects of the corporate work like company secretarial, budgeting and forecasting, personnel, insurance, legal matters, projects evaluation, acquisitions and joint ventures (foreign and local) and the listing of Nylex on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

In 1994, he was seconded by Tamco Group, a subsidiary of the Nylex Malaysia Group, to Shanghai, PRC China to do a feasibility study and finally set up a switchgear factory there. In 1997, he was appointed Senior Manager in the Overseas Operation for the Tamco Group and was put in charge of operations in China.

WF Ngau is now a Certifies Financial Planner and has also become an accredited Vistage Chair in October 2008.

Who Should Attend: Accounts Clerk, Accounts Assistant, Accounts Technician, Accounts Supervisor, Finance Assistant, Finance Executive, Admin Executive, Company Secretary and anyone who wish to obtain a good understanding on the preparation of a full set of accounts and financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts and Cash Flow Statement.

Workshop Size: Registration is strictly to the first 25 people. This cannot be altered. If the past is any indication of the future, spaces fill up very quickly. If you are interested in attending, call us now or download the registration form here and fax it back to us at ++6 03 40235716.

HRDF Claimable: This workshop is claimable under the HRDF SBL Scheme. Checks with your department to make sure you are eligible.

Tax Deductibility: In all likelihood this seminar is tax deductible. Check with your accountant to be sure.

Workshop Investment $$: RM 990.00 per delegates. This includes all workshop materials. Lunch will be provided.

Early Bird Offer!!

If you register yourself EARLY, you will enjoy a discount of RM100.00. For more information, please refer to the registration form here.

Group Discount!!!

If you register in group of 3 persons or more, you will enjoy additional 5% discount, and if your group are 5 persons or more, you will get a much greater discount of 7%, and 10% discount shall be entitled for group of 8 persons or more. So get your friend or colleagues to register with you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that some of you don't know us. That is why we make this workshop a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason whatsoever you don't feel like you have received more than your money worth by lunch break, simply hand in your materials for a complete 100% refund. No weasel clauses, no hassles, no questions asked. We won't lie, as rarely we have to make refund to our participants; however it is our integrity which makes our business successful.

If you like what you have gone through so far, you may register yourself by downloading the full brochure here, and fax the registration form back to us at ++6 03 40235716. And if you happen to have some friends or colleagues who are looking to improve their accounting skills, please forward this link to them.

Yours Sincerely,
Tel: ++6 03 40216000
Fax: ++6 03 40235716

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