Essential Skills as a Successful HR manager

“Sail yourself to success by acquiring these crucial HRM skills and knowledge”

Essential Skills as a Successful HR manager


~Learn how to manage your organization HRM function effectively to achieve your organization goals~
by Cyril Pagadala

Date & Venue
11th -12th November 2009, Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur
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Dear Friend,

In these recent years, the HR function is gaining weight in achieving the organization's goals. No more that HR is just a support function, as HR personnel responsibilities have spread out not to just assist departmentally however the organization as a whole. The HR personnel would need to assist organization in creating a clear vision and communicate it to the rest of the staff, aligning talent with the organization's goals, defines strategic roadmap to create the necessary talent, determine the right HR policies and procedures to motivate the employees, ensuring the right talent are employed and at the right place, act as spokesman for the company both internally and externally, and control the process of performance management.

Hence, you role as a HR Manager would be crucial to your organization operation, growth and sustainability.

What will this workshop do for you?

This workshop is designed to empower you with the necessary knowledge & skills to manage your organization HRM functions effectively. The program will focus on the core aspects of HRM functions in an organization, which are: role of HRM; job descriptions & job specifications; HR planning; TNA, training and development & orientation; performance appraisals and performance management; Points Method of job evaluation and how financial and non-financial benefits motivate employees; discipline, HR Scorecard.

The 11 Important Lessons you will learn during this 2 day workshop

Lesson 1: Role of Human Resource Management

  • Roles of Human Resource Manager
  • Roles of Non-HR managers in HRM roles
  • Human Resource Management functions
  • Human Resource Management in organizations of various sizes

Lesson 2: Job Descriptions & Job Specifications

  • Methods of getting job information for JD & JS
  • Content of JD & JS
  • The role of competencies in JD and JS
  • How to write effective JD & JS

Lesson 3: HR Planning

  • What is human resource planning?
  • Why perform human resource planning?
  • Determining head count numbers
  • Planning for leave and absences
  • Use of part-time and temporary employees
  • Succession planning

Lesson 4: Writing Self-selecting Job Advertisements

  • Introducing the company and vacancy
  • Writing person and job requirements
  • Closing date
  • Making the advertisement attractive

Lesson 5: Testing & Interviewing

  • Conducting simple tests for selection
  • Content of preliminary interviews
  • Content of employment interview
  • Types of interviews
  • The 8 types of core interview questions
  • Methods of interviewing

Lesson 6: Performance Appraisals and Performance Management

  • Relationship between performance management and appraisals
  • The Performance Management system
  • Identifying suitable criteria for appraisals
  • Determining KPIs
  • Designing the appraisal tool using BARS
  • Relationship between job descriptions, job specifications and performance appraisals
  • Who conducts appraisals?
  • Dealing with lenient and strict appraisers
  • Problems in appraising
  • Conducting the appraisal interview -do's and don'ts
  • Action plan for performance management

Lesson 7: TNA, Training and Development & Orientation

  • Training and Development methods
  • When must you conduct training?
  • Doing a basic Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Designing T & D programs
  • Content of orientation programs

Lesson 8: Designing the Compensation and Benefits Package

  • Components in a compensation package
  • Equity in financial compensation
  • The Points Method of determining salary ranges and scales
  • Linking pay to motivation / performance
  • Types of financial and non-financial benefits for motivation

Lesson 9: Discipline

  • Importance of discipline
  • Major and minor misconduct
  • Steps in disciplinary action
  • Overview of proceedings in a Domestic Inquiry

Lesson 10: Planning for Strategic Motivation & Employee Retention

  • What do employees expect from employers?
  • What motivates employees?
  • Why employees join your organization?
  • Why do employees leave your organization?
  • Creating the right environment, systems and programs for employee motivation and retention

Lesson 11: The HR Scorecard

  • Areas to be measured
  • Types of measures
  • Measuring effectiveness and efficiency of HRM

Why should you attend this workshop?

You will learn the 13 essentials skills that will enable you to become a successful HR manager

You will learn how to:

  1. Understand and carry out the strategic management functions of the Human Resources Department
  2. Understand the new challenges in HRM
  3. Write effective job descriptions and job specifications
  4. Determine head count numbers
  5. Ask more appropriate questions at interviews
  6. Identify training needs in an organization
  7. Draw up an equitable compensation package
  8. Understand the importance of certain criteria in designing performance appraisals
  9. Design strategic motivation and retention plans
  10. Develop an acceptable grievance procedure
  11. Understand different types of indiscipline
  12. Manage employee relations effectively
  13. Design a simple score card for HR Department

Course Leader

Cyril Pagadala has vast real work experience, in local and multinational companies, of more than 18 years in the field of Human Resources Management, Administration and Operations in various industries: banking, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and publications. He last held the position of Director of Administration and Human Resources. He is now a lecturer and corporate trainer.

He has a BA (English) and MA (Human Resource Management). In his work experience he has gone through the whole gamut of HRM including: setting up the HR Department A-Z with appropriate systems, designing policies and procedures, handling misconduct, taking disciplinary action, conducting the domestic inquiry, handling grievances, carrying out negotiations with trade unions and collective agreements, administration of the Employment Act 1955 and Regulations, Company Policies, etc; at all levels

Cyril Pagadala is a PSMB Certified Trainer for Corporate Programmes (PSMB/ TTT 0217) and a PSMB Approved Trainer in English and Business Communication for the PSMB Graduate Training Scheme; He trains and facilitates programmes in Human Resource Management, Employment Laws, Managerial Skills, Customer Relations, Soft Skills, English and Business Communication.

What others have to say after they have attended Cyril workshop

“This course will help me a lot in my job”

Ahmad Fikri b. Ahmad, Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd

“This workshop is good for new staff who appointed at staffing department”

Yong Voon Phin, Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

“This program really help me in understanding my job clearly and able to apply this knowledge in my job”

Abdul Aziz bin Omar, Ethylene Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“Keep up the good job”

Siti Faezah binti Isa, Suruhanjaya Tenaga

“Good course and exposure on DI”

Noraita Amnor, Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Who Should Attend: HR Managers, First-time HR Managers and prospective HR Managers and anyone who would like to improve their HRM skills and personal effectiveness.

Workshop Size: Registration is strictly to the first 25 people. This cannot be altered. If the past is any indication of the future, spaces fill up very quickly. If you are interested in attending, call us now or download the registration form here and fax it back to us at ++6 03 40235716.

HRDF Claimable: This workshop is claimable under the HRDF SBL Scheme. Checks with your department to make sure you are eligible.

Tax Deductibility: In all likelihood this seminar is tax deductible. Check with your accountant to be sure.

Workshop Investment $$: RM 1690.00 per delegates. This includes all workshop materials. Lunch will be provided.

Early Bird Offer!!

If you register yourself EARLY, you will enjoy a discount of RM100.00. For more information, please refer to the registration form here.

Group Discount!!!

If you register in group of 3 persons or more, you will enjoy additional 5% discount, and if your group are 5 persons or more, you will get a much greater discount of 7%, and 10% discount shall be entitled for group of 8 persons or more. So get your friends or colleagues to register with you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that some of you don't know us. That is why we make this workshop a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason whatsoever you don't feel like you have received more than your money worth by lunch break, simply hand in your materials for a complete 100% refund. No weasel clauses, no hassles, no questions asked. We won't lie, as rarely we have to make refund to our participants; however is our integrity which makes our business successful.

If you like what you have gone through so far, you may register yourself by downloading the full brochure here , and fax the registration form back to us at ++6 03 40235716. And if you happen to have some friends or colleagues who are looking for ways to improve their HRM skills, please forward this link to them.

Yours Sincerely,
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Fax: ++6 03 40235716

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