With Rev. August Gold

- Pre-requisite: have taken a minimum of three 4T classes
- $65 material fee

- Sanctuary

  Church of SPSA
  263 West 86th Street (at West End Avenue)


Beginning Monday night September 2lst the new class of 4T's Prosperity Workshop begins.  Over the last eight years this has been one of our most popular classes to help people break through their resistance to 'OPENING TO RECEIVE ALL OF LIFE'S RICHES.'  
What's different about this class is that we are conducting a "5T's Prosperity Workshop" for advanced students simultaneously.  Because nearly 1/3rd  of  the 4T class are graduates returning to the 4T's to deepen their faith and connection to Spirit, we have created The 5th "T" Class- 'TRUST'-to take the advanced students even deeper.  We will be studying the metaphysical works of Joel Goldsmith, Pema Chodren, Emerson, Dasarath, Emily Cady. The advanced student will strengthen their TRUST and faith in a way they'd only dreamed possible.
The new students and the returning students will both be spiritually fed in ways that will enable them, each at their own personal levels,  to further "OPEN TO RECEIVE ALL OF LIFE'S RICHES."

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Material Fee Ended $65 $2.62
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Use Your Illusion I: Debt Levels And S&P Sales Growth

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He said that working closely with regional physicians, the company's MRI scans provide them with all they need to prepare a course of action for their patient's medical recovery. "Using a powerful 1.5T GE MR ... to enhance prosperity and sustainability ...

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Another $148 Billion of Federal Money Works its Way Through Congress

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At least we can now identify the next scam

Of course – as noted by Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard ... other financial derivatives – exactly the kind of creative deal-making to generate the new prosperity. Derivatives are simply various kinds of bets on events. A future, for example ...

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Increasing Debt Increases Economic Growth Say the Keynesians

So, the increased debt per person of the two forms of Federal debt totals $6 trillion ($4.5t + $1.5t). Divided by 300 million Americans ... No. Will there be a default? Of course. Do the politicians factor this into their plans? Of course not.

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Hagel Departure Leaves Obama with Lame Duck on Defense

He said, “I believe we have set not only this department – the Department of Defense – but the nation on a stronger course towards security, stability and prosperity.” “On paper he [Hagel] is the most qualified person ever to take that job ...

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