Collaborate to Innovate: Open Innovation

Open innovation (OI) is a new and growing business model that emphasizes collaboration and the use of external ideas by firms as a means to maximise their returns from innovation. OI involves a two-way flow of knowledge and intellectual property (IP) that enables firms to be more agile and access new ideas. It’s about making the company’s boundaries more permeable, so innovations can easily transfer both inward and outward.

As well as investment in existing technologies or collaboration on joint research projects, open innovation can involve contract research with external partners such as university groups, partnering with key suppliers, co-product development with other companies (both competitors and non-competitors), or simply licensing technology. Some firms have capitalised on the opportunity to profit from technology that would otherwise lie dormant by licensing it to non-competing groups, and a number of patent brokers exist which buy patents, bundle them and sell them on the IP market.

Our October meeting will be exploring all of these issues, looking at what open innovation is, what’s driving it, and how firms in the Midlands can benefit.


- Prof. Andrew Pollard, Caparo Innovation Centre

- Caroline Bishop, Director of Operations, IXC UK (open innovation consultancy)

To include buffet and networking reception.

Date & venue: 18.00, Weds 7th October

Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9RU (click here for directions).


This event is sponsored by Wolverhampton Science Park.

Wolverhampton Science Park


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