Opportunity Knocks in Job Loss - Use it well

 A wellness class for people in professional transition.


Opportunity knocks in job loss...even if it doesn't feel like it now. 


What if you could re-frame what's happened and feel better?

That's what this class is about--from both a hiring and a wellness perspective.


There are 4 things, actions you can take right now, to positively impact your attitude and professional prospects.


This is an uplifting and empowering kind of class...for DOers, EXPLOREers and BEers.

Not for whiners, complainers or blamers...


Because when you FEEL better, you make a MUCH better impression -- in interiews and on those around you,

and you are much EASIER to be around...


There are opportunities in this situation you didn't choose....

And there are important personal Wellness and professional Career-enhancing reasons to find them...and USE them.


The class comes with a practical set of resources for self-care, staying healthy, and feeling happier.

A starting place to more and better. 




 Pre-registration required.


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General Admission Ended $5 $1.11
Late Registration   Ended $10 $1.24
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