History Hunters - Stenton Afternoon Tour

Over the course of the academic year, students will travel to four historic sites in Historic Germantown, seeing buildings and artifacts that are over two hundred years old. The schedule of visits is paced to correspond with the appropriate curricular units covered in the classroom. Through site visits, students will be able to experience how people lived, and the challenges that many faced during Colonial times and in the early years of our nation’s history.
At Stenton, students learn about early colonial Pennsylvania,
especially relations between European settlers and Native Americans.

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Stenton was the home James Logan, ... National History Day Philly; Thomas Paine; ... 7 Tours Thru Historic Philadelphia;


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Stenton especially welcomes all ages of school ... and the length of time allotted for a tour or ... spaces for History Hunters typically takes ...


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History Hunters takes place at five participating sites: Stenton, Cliveden, ... with a walking tour of the farm.


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A tour of historic Stenton House. Many houses in Logan are in poor condition. ... To address these issues, Stenton has become a part of the History Hunters program.


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Stenton staff and History Hunters ... It's the perfect time of year to visit Stenton for a walking tour ... The clouds parted for this glorious day in Stenton's ...



enjoyed a visit to Stenton. Guides from the History Hunters Youth ... School Day at Stenton ... Our own Stenton staff and Colonial Dames members continue to share ...


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