Compassion Stress Management

Course Goal: Prepare you to mitigate/manage compassion stress in yourself and to educate colleagues about the vicarious trauma (compassion stress) that results from working with people who are in emotional pain.

Target Audience: Anyone who works with people in pain, or desires to work with helpers who are experiencing burnout, vicarious trauma, or compassion fatigue (e.g., social workers, mental health counselors, first responders, journalists, teachers, school counselors, nurses and others)

Course Objectives:

  1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of compassion stress. 
  2.  Conduct compassion stress/fatigue assessment.
  3. Utilize strategies for minimizing/mitigating compassion stress/fatigue and recovering from it.
  4. Recognize the history, research, and theory of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. 
  5.  Educate and prepare others to recognize and assess sysmptoms, and utilize strategies to mitigate/recover from compassion stress.

Continuing Education: 7.0 CEU9s for LMFT, LMHC, LCSW, Psychologist and School Psychologist. Certification: This course leads to certification as a Compassion Fatigue Educator and fulfills the prerequisites for Compassion Fatigue Therapist Certification.

Instructor: Adjunct (TBA)

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