Let's Talk Stocks- November 2009

"Let's Talk Stocks" (LTS) is a fun and engaging way to learn while completing a Stock Selection Guide (SSG) working as a group. A stock to study is selected from two or three companies nominated by attendees two weeks prior to the session. The event host will guide, not lead, participants through the program using the popular Investors' TooKit.  All decisions are made by attendees.  Relevant information on the stock to study and its industry will be posted on the chapter's website one week before the scheduled meeting.

LTS begins with a short educational presentation on a single topic of interest to all investors. The event host will give an overview of the company and the nature of its business. Then we'll discuss those factors which might influence future business prospects.  Such factors might include the general economy and the company's sector and industry.  With the company put into its proper business setting, we'll engage in an extensive and lively discussion looking at the company's competitive strengths and weaknesses.  We'll ask ourselves if the company has a sustainable competitive advantage or what Warren Buffett calls an "economic moat".  We'll examine debt and check Section 1 of the SSG looking for the lines to be "up, straight, and parallel" or nearly so. We'll require Sections 2A and 2B to be even or trending up. Finally, we all will work together to prepare a consensus SSG by making these key judgement decisions:  

•    growth rates
•    projected average high and low PE ratios
•    projected low stock price.

You have a choice of attending the session live at the Indian Tree restaurant where we have a large screen and projector so everyone can see the SSG clearly as we go through it step by step. Or you can participate from home using GoToMeeting, the new internet based conference software. Some will prefer the more social aspects of meeting at the restaurant while others (particularly those living far away) may be more comfortable participating from home using GoToMeeting.  Be aware that the GoToMeeting option requires a home computer with high speed internet access, speakers and a microphone (USB connecting headset is recommended as best).  You can also participate via telephone in lieu of the speaker/mic combination, but you may incur long distance charges.
The final SSG will be the consensus product of the group. Neither BetterInvesting nor the Rocky Mountain Chapter or the the participants in this event make buy or sell recommendations.  In the end, each one must make their own decisions based upon their own research.  The purpose of "Lets Talk Stocks" is educational only.

Fees help defray the cost of the Indian Tree restaurant and the GoToMeeting software. Indian Tree participants enjoy a complementary continental breakfast while GoToMeeting participants save travel expense and time.  This is a great way to find attractive investment leads for you and your club while learning more about preparing a good SSG. Check the chapter’s website for the latest information.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Let's Talk Stocks, BI Member, On site Ended $7 $1.17
Let's Talk Stocks, BI Member, Web Option Ended $12 $1.29

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