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How do you steer yourself in the right direction in these Turbulent Times?

Learn The Secret Psychology of Wealth to Overcome These Turbulent Times


Millionaire Mind Intensive in Turbulent Times is a Special Edition 3-day wealth seminar that will be held from 29th ~ 31st August 2009 at Hilton Metropole, Edgware Road, London.

You will experience a dynamic, practical and information-packed programme that teaches you how to act, think and make money the way millionaires do - this is not to be missed!

  • Are you worried about your financial future?
  •  Do you want to win the money game by knowing exactly how to do what rich people do to get and keep wealth?
    • Do you have the right mindset and tools to achieve financial success?
    • Are you rubbing your hands together with anticipation and excitement at the opportunities available to you during this financial crisis, but have no idea how to capitalise on them?
    • At this incredible seminar you will discover:
    • The wealth creation & maintenance strategies of the rich in turbulent times
    • How to quadruple your speed to financial freedom in turbulent times
    • The 5 key financial habits of the wealthy in turbulent times
    • The underlying cause of almost all financial problems
    • 12 ways to earn passive income so you can make money while you sleep in turbulent times

  • I am delighted to attach a link for the upcoming Millionaire Mind Intensive event this weekend!

    I have been on the programme back in April, and I would highly recommend attending.

    The seminar is packed with fantastic content ...Click the link for more information, video link and to register your place.

    Do please forward this link to others that you feel may benefit from attending, they will "Thank You"!!

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