The Ultimate Recession Busting Breakfast!

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Do you want to find more clients, learn new sales skills, make more
money and boycott the recession all in just 3 hours?

Many business owners are feeling the recession right now. They’re struggling to pay the bills and are faced with the difficult of possibly retrenching staff just to survive.

They feel the recession is overwhelming. They feel as if they are powerless to fight forces beyond their control and struggling to keep their businesses functioning with a decrease in clients and cash flow.

Is this you?

Three Myths that are probably killing your business:

  1. Clients are hard to find.
    Many people currently believe that it’s too difficult to find clients. The pie has shrunk. While business is certainly harder than it was two years ago there are still people out there that want and need your product.
  2. There is no money.
    The banks have curbed rampant lending. People are now more careful on how they spend their money, but this doesn’t mean there is no money at all. What it does mean is that we need to convey our value offering better.
  3. I can’t do anything about the recession.
    While you may not be able to turn the Global Recession around, you have the power to influence your Personal Recession.
Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners, salesreps and you:

One of the most powerful things about South Africa is our Spirit of Ubuntu. Nowhere else in the world do you find a sense of community like that when a group of like-minded people get together to help each other out of a difficult situation.

The astounding truth is that we have the power of adding our strengths and working together to change your Personal Recession into a time of Personal Growth.

In the same Spirit of Ubuntu, three dynamic business women, Bettina Horvath of SalesPartners Cape Region, Gwen Kloppers of Inspiring Women Network and Veena Sebastian of the Atlantic Imbizo Conference Venue, decided it was time to work together to help small business owners unleash their potential and bust through the recession.

You have the opportunity to learn how to bust through the recession in just three hours.

There are business breakfasts. And then there are Recession Busting Business Breakfasts. This is not merely an opportunity to collect a few business cards and hope for the best. This is an opportunity to learn valuable skills that will take your business to new heights and give you the opportunity and the skills to turn your business around, literally within 3 hours.

In this powerful and engaging breakfast you will learn within 3 hours exactly what it takes to find clients, make a memorable impact and close more sales.

Here are seven reasons why you should attend this breakfast

  1. You will be served with a sumptuous buffet breakfast at a fantastic venue
  2. You will find out exactly what to say in 15 seconds that will have prospective clients begging for more information.
  3. Get coached on YOUR own individual e-pitch.
  4. Learn the formula for NEVER being intimidated by any situation/person ever again
  5. Learn exactly how to handle the objections people have to buying your product. Reducing objections leads to more closed deals and more sales.
  6. Most importantly learn how to handle "I can't afford it" or "It's too expensive", the most common objections.
  7. Have an opportunity to network directly with 90 like-minded business owners. (Bring loads of business cards!)
  8. Receive a Business-2-Business goodie bag worth R 3,500+.
  9. Go home
    • inspired, with
    • increased knowledge,
    • new contacts,
    • great selling tools you can implement right away and
    • a bag full of usefull services for free or at discounted rates. 
Here are some comments from previous attendants who learned e-pitch and objection handling over breakfast:

The feedback from previous breakfasts says it all. The advice is simple and easy to implement and the results in your business are quickly established. Wouldn’t you like to experience this for yourself?
You only have one decision to make: Will you remain in your (un)comfortable position and hope that the recession turns around? Or will you take the bull by the horns and make a difference right now in your business?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – you can use this as an incredibly opportunity to turn your business around.

Here are what a few people had to say about our previous events:

“It is very seldom that you sit in the room and see everyone’s lightbulbs go on – when everyone realises the power to change circumstances lies in a handful of easy-to-implement steps. Attending a SalesPartner Training Session is imperative for any business owner who is tired of the status quo”
Tony Seifart, Internet Marketer and Business Owner
Leone Bruwer, Stellenbosch Properties shared how much the objection drill has already helped her not only in her business but mostly in her private life! She said she used to not be able to handle aggressive people and would just try to avoid them. Now with the learned and practiced tools of handling objections she learned how to deal with their aggression, stay calm, keep the emotion down and let the intelligence do the talking again! She says: "I now have the ability to achieve that gap to keep my calm and strength. As a result I have seen that these people mostly operate out of their own hurt and it actually has got nothing to do with me."
Dolores Spijkers related how since starting the sessions her confidence, which she had lost in the last couple of years, has come back to her in full throttle and not only that, she has indeed landed a HUGE consulting job already. She says: "It has not only reminded me of many concepts I actually know but also taught me some new ideas. I am refreshed and with new energy to tackle whatever comes my way!"
"I would like to say thank you to you and Sales Partners.  I have had my first direct link to the benefit of learning how to sell properly.  A client called me because she was interested in a cot.  This is the easy part.  My excitement went up and I started selling the product.  After a week or so of talking back and forth she came back to me saying that her and her boyfriend have decided to go with another company instead.  Before [SalesPartners training] I would have felt my heart drop and self pity set in, but this time I immediately acknowledged and asked a question.  It turned out that I could deliver on what her worries were.  So I managed to turn my first no into a yes.  Thank you!"
Maria-Paola D'andea, Miabella Handcrafted Furniture

  •  “Yes! I’m ready to change my business and my life! What do I do?”

If you’re serious about taking control of the Personal Recession in your life then you need to follow 2 simple steps: 1) register for the event and 2) make an EFT to confirm your seat for the Recession Buster Breakfast. Part of coming together as a team means we can give you an incredible package including services from a wide variety of industries and businesses, having a total value of R 3,500+ and growing, at a ridiculously low price!

We asked ourselves a simple question: What do business owners need most at the moment?

The answer is: more closed sales!

Hence we thought of putting a true Recession Buster Kit together helping you close more sales with a REAL RECESSION BUSTING PRICE TAG. For only R 350 per person (when confirmed by Sep 9, thereafter R 390) this is probably the best investment for your business right now! 

100% money back SalesPartners guarantee:

At this breakfast morning we will teach you the 2 most valuable skills in sales: presenting a powerful elevator pitch and learning how to overcome objections. If at the end of the training you believe the session was not valuable to you, we will refund you 100%. Yes, a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. We trust your fair judgement and our delivery!

  • "YES! I am ready! How do I reserve my seat?"

STEP 1 register for this event

Click on the registration box above

STEP 2 confirm your seat

In order to confirm your seat please transfer the amount of R 350 per person into the following account by Sep 9 (thereafter R 390):
ABSA BANK: Table View
Branch Code: 334409
Account Number: 7107 555 23
Reference: "BF" and your name or Company as the reference and then send your proof of payment to Gwen Kloppers via e-mail or per fax to 086 5088 998.

We know this is going to be an incredibly popular event, so please don’t take too long to decide. Seating is very limited and word is spreading quickly about this event.

To avoid disappointment please book and confirm your seat right now! Remember the 2 step process: first register, then confirm with payment.

Book now and receive R3500+ worth of gifts!

We have approached our partners in business to offer you real value-for-money gifts that will help you bust through the recession. As the word got out more and more business leaders decided to sponsor more gifts which means our Recession Buster Kit is now valued at over R3500 and still growing!

Attend the Breakfast and you will also get a bag full of vouchers, coupons and other goodies:

The Ultimate Business-2-Business Rcession Busting Kit:

Dalene Kuhn attorneys 1/2 hour consultation + setting-up of a last will - value R 500 FREE
SalesPartners 1 hour Skype Business Consultation, where are you, where do you want to go? - value R 1500 FREE
Webexposure Internet Marketing Strategy evalutation - value R 250 FREE
A Touch of Madness Dessert - value invaluable - you got to experience it! FREE
Resolve Cleaning Solutions For every 100 sqm restorative carpet cleaning you get 15 sqm free 15% off
Yogatopia Office Tension Tackling Workshop - value R 250 FREE
Die Ou Pastorie 25% off standard rate until the end of the year! Restaurant and B&B 25% off
Wesson Bothma 50% discount on all tax returns or free consultation, your choice! FREE
Leila Falletisch 1 coaching session for victims of crime, divorce and bereavment, value R 290 FREE
BizAssist Copy of 2 back copies "SA Guide to Business Opportunities" magazine and some "SA Guide to Working from Home" magazines as well as a "Health and Beauty Opportunities" supplement FREE
Triptrack 10% discount on all new Triptrack Automatic Logbook Systems 10% off

Create the business and life of your dreams

You have the power to change your circumstances. Attending this breakfast will give you the opportunity to break through the recession and reach your goals. Book your seat online and receive over R3,500 in FREE bonus gifts from significant business leaders as part of our Recession Buster Kit!

Act Now!

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